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[News] Compliations of Yoon Eun Hye’s Interviews mentioning Park Yuchun

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Yoon Eun Hye shared a common ground with acting partner Park YooChun as they both came from Idol beginnings.

As we were shooting I got closer to Park YooChun but we never once get to go eat together. Although we were supposed to go eat chicken..(laugh). As we both originated from a singing background, I think many people surrounding us were worried.As for me, in the past I was always hoping for actors who are acclaimed for their acting as my partner, but realistically the actors that I can be partnered with are actually limited, so I don’t know since when it was that I began not minding about who it was that will be my acting partner.Now, I only thought, ” I’m really thankful if it’s this actor.”

“I saw YooChun as a Hoobae about 8,9 years ago I think. Therefore it was a long time since we last met, and it was awkward when we were first saying our greetings. But due to him being nice and forthcoming, and even then he wasn’t the type who’s too over-familiar, so there was no pressure. Previously while shooting I was of the style that could not approach others easily, and if I were approached then I would be avoiding them, because I hated being misunderstood, but as I did Coffee Prince I changed a lot on that aspect. Because YooChun and SeungHo are younger than me,it was more comfortable.”

“Both of them are not of the over-talkative kind, and does not behave in a way that is over the limit so it was very comfortable to act. In the aspect of acting they are sensible/have sense and have a pure approach to acting and they did it in a fun way.It would have been hard if then acting was done calculatively. And as for YooChun he had so many tough challenges physically, I feel sorry and thankful about that.”

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How was it shooting the final scenes.

Actually when we were shooting for the final episode (the warehouse scene) I fainted in the middle of shooting and had to be taken to two hospitals. I was out of consciousness. We went to the hospital in YangPyeong(location) but it couldn’t be solved so we went to another hospital in Seoul. I think I was put on 4 IV drips. Even in the car I was put on IV drip and I returned to the location,and it was really tough while shooting. I have never fell sick during shooting previously so I felt so apologetic to everyone that I don’t know what to do. There was only one day left for shooting,so I was really dismayed/upset that my body was being problematic.

More than myself, I think it was really Park YooChun who suffered more physically. It was to the point that I even told my staffs half-jokingly,half-seriously “I know you guys are suffering too but Unnie is really fine, so in front of YooChun’s staffs never ever show a hint that you guys are having a hard time”. It was something that I was thankful and apologetic about.

From TVDaily


How was the partnership like with the two actors?

“YooChun played the role of the mood-maker. He has “sense” so even if we didn’t purposely take a step aside to plan and match our acting beforehand, our acting would match really well. SeungHo worked really hard to peel away his Child-actor image and the way I look at it there is that manliness about him that can make one’s heart thumped. But then as he did not have many experience previously, during emotionally charged scenes he would get shy/embarassed. So it can’t be helped that I had to be the one to lead him. YooChun knew how to take care of things well on his own(laugh). SeungHo was really good at acting hysterical scenes that there were even jokes doubting whether that was his original personality; each actor had their own thing that they were really good at.”



“When I look at Park YooChun, I would think “a person who started working from an early age is definitely different”. Of course Yoo SeungHo is one too but Park YooChun is also still a singer and doing both things. His atmosphere is different. He’s considerate about other people and put others before him, and he takes care of others as well. Even at the shooting location, he has a bright image and was the constant mood-maker. And Park YooChun has his own unique “sense” so my partnership with him matched well.”

“I don’t know if it’s because Yoo SeungHo made an effort to peel-off his Child Actor image, but even I could see the exciting manly side of him.Of course while shooting kiss scene or emotional scenes he would be shy so I had no other option but to lead him. Park YooChun would know to do things well on his own even without the director’s guidance (smile). But surprisingly Yoo SeungHo was really good at the unthinkable hysterical scenes.I even joked to him,” Are you sure that’s not your actual personality.



Yoon EunHye partnered with Park YooChun and Yoo SeungHo on-screen and received a staggering amount of envy from female fans. She only had praises for both the man with “sense” Park YooChun, and Yoo SeungHo who made a mark as grown-up actor. ” For Yoo SeungHo, during kiss scenes and such, maybe because he has not had enough experience he was a bit shy. It was me who did the leading. Park YooChun did well.” said YEH as she drew laughter (from the group).

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  1. omg she fainted? i had no idea she was sick :(

  2. my yoon eunhye is sick ? :(((

  3. fainted? get well soon dear YEH !

  4. she thinks she is the most talented and most beautiful actress in south korea,after wining 01 award in baeksang art awards she is flying, don’t be that much proud. there are so many actresses better than you.walk on the ground you can’t remain ever like this

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