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[News] 130111 Sina Entertainment exclusive interview with Park Yoochun

Sina Entertainment, January 11th, Media Day hosted by C-jes entertainment company for JYJ member Park Yoochun took place in Beijing, Sina Entertainment had an exclusive interview with Park Yoochun. When asked about his real character, he said he is like Jung-Woo from Miss You, because he is patient. Because he continuously starred in two popular dramas, he expressed that after “I Miss You” is wrapped up, the place he would most like to travel to is Cuba.

Sufferings through filming of “I Miss You”, comments Harry’s character is too sick

Park Yoochun, because of the popular Korean drama Miss You recently received more attention from an increasing number of fans. The engaging performance of the actors adds considerably to the story. But because of the sad storyline and the freezing winter weather, Park Yoochun suffered a lot through filming. When asked what was the most painful moment during filming, he said “Because there are a lot of crying scenes it takes a lot of energy. And in the cold winter weather, my mouth often becomes frozen when I’m saying my lines.” He also said “when the chilling wind is blowing, it’s not easy to cry.” Bursting the audience’s fantasy of Jung-Woo’s lines from the drama “I’m not crying; it’s because the wind is blowing” making appear very real and interesting.

When asked if his own character is closer to Jung-Woo or Harry, Park Yoochun exclaimed “Of course I’m more like Jung-Woo, I’m good at waiting!” To clarify, Park Yoochun explained, the character in the drama Harry played by Yoo Seung Ho, is a control freak with an obsession to the point of sickness. He would never be like that. He would give the women he loves trust, and never forego his principles. Regarding Jung-Woo waiting 14 years for love in the drama, Park Yoochun realistically expressed “14 years of waiting makes the story appear very beautiful,but in reality it is not that easy, it’s too long.” When saying this he made an expression of “I can’t even imagine it”, the expression was very cute.

Miss You’s tragic ending is logical, after wrap up of drama, he really wants to travel to Cuba

During an earlier event, Park Yoochun already expressed that he hopes that “I Miss You” will end in a tragedy. Now there are only 2 more episodes until the finale, how the story will end naturally becomes the topic of our concern. Regarding this, Park Yoochun expressed: “Even though people around me may not agree, but my hope for a tragic ending has not changed.” At the same time he explained: “Even though it is not necessary for the story to have a sad ending, but seeing how the plot line developed until today, only Jung-Woo’s death would give this story a logical ending, making everything rational.”

In the year 2012, Park Yoochun continuously acted “Rooftop Prince” and “I Miss You”, both receiving excellent results, but he didn’t get to take a break to rest well. When asked what is the one thing he wants to do after the filming is complete, and where is the one place he wants to go the most, it seems like he could draw a beautiful picture in his mind, he said “After “I Miss You” is complete, I want to go travel, if I have to choose one place it would be Cuba, there I would be able to be free and rest.”

JYJ’s new album in the agenda, hoping to eat roast duck in Beijing

The year 2013 just begun, Park Yoochun already placed the work for JYJ’s new album in his agenda. Regarding his own project, he says he doesn’t have any plans, but he said as long as there’s a chance, he will bring a music or movie project to fans. Upon his return to Beijing, he was asked the food he wanted to taste, Yoochun quickly expressed he has asked staff to take him to eat roast duck, after he is eating, he would like to sleep. Even though he is full of life, it could not conceal his tiredness which pains us. When asked to speak a few words in Chinese, Park Yoochun shyly said “I learned Chinese more than 10 years ago, but now I forgot most of it. Because I watched a lot of zombie movies, I can only shout ‘Jiu ming ah (save me)’.” His works made everyone burst out laughing.

This trip to Beijing, in certain view can be seen as Park Yoochun’s first step to enter into China. Even though he is humble about it and said he only came to greet China’s media and express his gratitude, but believe after this, Chinese fans will have more opportunities to see him. Regarding fan meeting, Park Yoochun also expressed with “Miss You” it will be an opportunity to have fan meetings in more locations.

credit: Sina Entertainment
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  1. “I learned Chinese more than 10 years ago, but now I forgot most of it. Because I watched a lot of zombie movies, I can only shout ‘Jiu ming ah (save me)’.” LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

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