Posted by: sharingyoochun | December 7, 2012

[Trans] 121206 JYJ Twitter Update

Jaejoong: During snowing, I will think of Hideaki Tokunaga’s ‘Yuki No Hana’. Are you fine? Tokunaga san.

Jaejoong: I miss him… really wish to listen to him sing ‘Friend’.

Ryo (@tyjdryo): @bornfreeonekiss Jejung, how are you?

Jaejoong: @tyjdryo I am fine. How about hyung? I really wish to meet everyone. As expected, hyung knows me well..

Junsu: Watching Brave Guys_Drift Apart MV on Youtube

Jaejoong: My friend said this today… that I look seductive… thus I replied, “Where are you able to find such simple looks like me” I look ‘rustic’.

Ryo: @bornfreeonekiss Sorry Jejung, I can’t read it. (-_-;)

credit: kimjaejoong baidu+ JYJFCTW
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun


  1. Junsu supporting his friends <3

  2. Park sung kwang and lots of gag concert members are fc men members, so he must supported his friends

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