Posted by: sharingyoochun | September 11, 2012

[Trans] 120911 Jaejoong Twitter Update

Jaejoong: It feels good mountain-climbing!

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Jaejoong: Stick Kyungtak
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

credit: RockJJ
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun


  1. Jae went to the mountain with Lee-U,
    Jae-Lee is REAL,people!!!!

    • Wth! Do you think jae is gay? People seriously need to stop being delusional! JYJ members are normal men! Dont make assumption by your own! Geezzzz

      • Geeez..relax..
        i’m just kidding.
        I love Jae,
        There is no doubt about that =,=

      • Why so emo, gurl? She may have meant that as a joke (or maybe not) but whatever it is just chillax. Peace.

        On a side note, love jae’s legs. xD

      • I’m guessing that by ‘normal’ you mean straight? If that’s what you meant i’d like to correct you. Other sexualities such as homo or bisexuality are just as normal as heterosexuality.
        You probably didn’t mean what you said in a bad way, but i just wanted to give you a heads up that words such as ‘normal’ in reference to being straight (which would imply that not being straight would not be normal) can come across as insulting.

        Having said that, I agree people shouldn’t make assumptions, especially when it comes to other people their sexuality.

  2. Jae is gay? Jae is man? Jae is everything…
    Nevermind because I accept everything Jae is.
    I love KimJaeJoong.

    • no he is not gay ^^ relax but korean people love to pair up men together as good friends

  3. Hey Jae. You probably would be doing less damage using that stick instead of the trusty sword, Eh? Don’t over-balance me pwecious. O.K? You make me smile. <3 Momma Cha

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