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[Trans] 120604 ‘Rooftop Prince’ Park Yoochun, “So Exhausted From Overnight Filming Thus Didn’t Watch The Broadcast”‏

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After a heated drama ratings war between the three broadcasting companies for the Wednesday-Thursday drama slot, the final winner goes to ‘Rooftop Prince’. The three dramas that premiered and ended on the same day same timing, have been chasing on each other’s back in the ratings war and the last episode of ‘Rooftop Prince’ emerged with the highest rating among the three. The drama had Park Yoochun as it’s core. He naturally depicted the three characters, Joseon’s Crown Prince ‘Lee Gak’, ‘Lee Gak who pretended to be Yong Tae Yong’ and ‘Yong Tae Yong’, affirming his acting skills. Debuting as a singer-turned-actor, after receiving success in ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ and ‘Miss Ripley’, this is his third successful drama. The charming ‘Crown Prince’ Park Yoochun who left the rooftop house, met us at a restaurant in Gwanghwanmun on the 29th.

– The drama ended as the one with the highest ratings. And your eye expressions’ acting left an impression.

“In this drama, there isn’t once that I forced out my tears. There is no instruction to ‘cry’ in the script….. but I cried during the two kiss scenes? The first time was after Lee Gak admit that he likes Park Ha. The thought of the things a country’s crown prince had to give up, thus I cried. The second time was at the wedding scene in episode 19. I cried badly because it’s too sad. Ji Min noona started crying during rehearsal, and every staff other than the director cried too. If I am Lee Gak, I will definitely not let go of the hands. Such a fool. Lee Gak disappeared back to Joseon while he temporarily let go of the hands.”

– Everyone was worried about the ending but the ending received great responses.

“The original ending was different but it turned out better. Just like what everyone already knew, the scriptwriter’s wife passed away. The feeling he had for his wife can be felt through the scripts. Because of such genuine feeling, thus I’m able to get involved well with the acting. Especially episode 20. During the commemorative party, the scriptwriter said it too, ‘This is my story too.’ ”

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– In the drama, the three accents that Lee Gak originally had, together with Lee Gak’s adapting to modern days and Yong Tae Yong’s, isn’t it difficult? Who’s idea is it to use the spectacles to differentiate?

“In the beginning, the script do wrote about the spectacles, thus it helped a lot. It can be used to differentiate Lee Gak and Yong Tae Yong. The accent for modern days is faster while it’s slower for historical drama. It’s a bit difficult to mix the two, thus it was tough. I was ambitious in the beginning, thus a lot of NGs. I don’t wish to act it recklessly.”

– The most difficult and most regretful parts were?

“Overnight filming everyday and only going back home once a week. In the end I slept without even watching broadcast. Most of the filming were outdoor sites and thus it’s the most difficult to rush that filming. There’s almost a problem with broadcasting schedule. In the midst of the drama, the realisation of Lee Gak and his feelings changed towards Park Ha and the different attitude towards Se Na etc, these were not able to be depicted more meticulously. Drama originally needs the intense display of details but it was omitted in the midst of it.”

– You seem to be into the character, Lee Gak. People around are saying Lee Gak is similar to Park Yoochun.

“Yup. As it is pretty convenient (to get into character), thus I had the greed (to do it better). I will look at the script and thought of how to act it well. There isn’t much feelings during the filming but after that, I realised I received a lot of comfort from Lee Gak time to time.”

– Do you think you have matured through this work?

“During the filming of ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, as it is my first drama, I did not managed to think a lot and it passed by so fast. During ‘Miss Ripley’, the pressure was huge. During the first filming, the words ‘I can’t do this.’ is just right at my throat. A simply script line made me scrutinised a lot. In this work, honestly I didn’t feel that I did extremely well. There was no burden, no pressure and I naturally immersed in the character. Felt so much relaxed.”

– How is it working with Han Ji Min who is older by 4 years? Didn’t you see her as an opposite attraction?

“Ji Min noona is as straightforward as she’s known to be. Kinda like ‘the kind neighbourhood sister’? I don’t have to make much effort and we just get along well naturally. But I called her ‘Park Ha’ instead of ‘Noona’ at the filming site. Everyone else is the same. Se Na, Chi San, Man Bo etc, I called their character’s name. Watching Ji Min noona as she acts, I felt that if there is someone with a character like Park Ha, she would be really charming. But after the acting is over, she returned back to Han Ji Min, thus there’s not much problem. *laughs*”

– At the Baeksang Arts Award recently, you attended it with your younger brother Park Yoohwan who started acting?

“It’s a different feeling from attending a award ceremony with members. Looking at Yoohwan who is walking down his route well, I can serve the army peacefully now. I will be preparing to serve the army within these 1-2 years. I was worried if there’s anyone who can take care of the family while I’m not around, I felt that I should prepare well enough for them before I leave. My dream is to attend Cannes Festival with Yoohwan. In the future I will definitely have a collaboration work with Yoohwan, something like ‘The Brothers’ Story’. As though non blood-related brothers acting like real brothers. Maybe it’s possible when I become an old actor?”

– What would you like to do now that the drama has ended? What’s your next work?

“I discussed with Tae Sung hyung, and we are thinking of bringing a tent, some mess tins and go on a nationwide drive for about 1-2 weeks. For my own wish, be it be movie, television broadcast, drama, album, no matter what it is, I hope to have a comeback soon. Making a decision within June and then I would want to go for acting lessons. The evil character can come later. There are female fans who stepped away from Tae Sung hyung at the filming site. (keke) Probably I’ll act as a strong bad character like a psycho in the future.

– And your love life?

“Mm, I don’t know. Someone who is good to my mum? If were to be dating, isn’t it mandatory to be filial to both party’s parents? I wish to have someone who I’m able to say it outright anywhere that, “She is mine.” and everyone will be giving their blessings to us. Because, as I’m an artiste, whenever we are together, the cute and compatible ambience has to be there. If there’s someone like that, I would reveal my relationship.”

credit: sports.khan+ MickyBaidubar
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun


  1. YC has become really matured! Proud of him..

  2. preparimg for the army…? Ouch..i couldn’t imagine how my heart will ache T^T

  3. yoochun es un amor!!!!!! es muy lindo… ♥ es hermoso!!

  4. “everyone will be giving their blessings to us. Because, as I’m an artiste, whenever we are together, the cute and compatible ambience has to be there. ”
    this is idealistic… the perfect love story

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