Posted by: sharingyoochun | June 3, 2012

[Announcement] 120602 XIA JUNSU 1st ASIA TOUR IN JAKARTA Update

For ticketing details, please refer to

Also, regarding the issue as to whether it is possible for oversea fans to complete payment with credit cards. you may contact the local organizers at:


  1. about the ticket price..its not IDR 750.000 – IDR 3.000.000 (USD 75 -USD 300) ???
    pls, can u explain this?!
    i got confused now..
    i read the the info that if using BII (Bank Indonesia Internasional) credit card, we can get 1 free?? its available for overseas fans dear??

  2. Just want to clarified things.
    The both email isn’t the local organizers email. They are local fanbase email from jyjindonesia. The local organizers email is

    As for the price, yes, it’s IDR750,000 – IDR 3,000,000. The price above is for the 50% installment and the platinum early bird which isnt available on online anymore.
    If you want to get the platinum tickets, you need to buy it offline.

    As for the BII credit card, it’s only for holders the credit card. And you must buy it offline too. There isnt any payment method using credit card in rajakarcis web.

    If overseas fans want to buy the ticket, i recommend you to ask help to local fans. I can help too if u want. Thanks ^^

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