Posted by: sharingyoochun | May 28, 2012

[Pic] 120527 XIA 1st Asia Tour Concert Tarantallegra Live In Bangkok Press Conference

I was there and I was like…. “ahhhh I’m so dead”






  1. Junsu definitly have this magic way to make you feel that his looking only you .

    Like on the first pic .

  2. you were there??
    oh my God.. u’r so lucky :D

  3. his stare in the 1st pic is just… (can’t insert a perfect word to describe) *faints*

  4. lucky seeing Junsu in person congratulations

    i want to see Junsu so very much. am i to die without meeting him ever? makes me feel so sad , but i am happy i can still see him even if it isn’t live i can still see him online, i am grateful about this and i can listen to his sweet voice so i am definitely grateful for that too. i will not post again i just wanted to say when it comes to men i only love Junsu desire him and want him if it isn’t Junsu then i don’t want anyone ells. i don’t see the point if it isn’t Junsu.
    Love you my sweet beautiful Junsu forever. okay my last post sorry i am silent lurker from 4 years ago i love Sharing Yoochun site best, wish admin the best and more popularity and larger success, thank you admin for supporting all five and give them equal love all this time, you are honest in your love for all five thank you so much. wish all five good life no more sadness and always happy and successful , wish it for admin and fans as well too. well because i want to be silent lurker again i made this long post please admin continue this faithful site i always wait for news from here also if i may request , if i want to go back to see old news could there be numbered pages so i can click on the number to go back to see the page posted yesterday and before that day. only if it is possible thank you and sorry if i bother you or anyone with my long post.

  5. […] และแล้วก็มาถึงเวลาของ press conference เข้าไปเก็บได้ที่นี่เนะ >> Click here […]

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