Posted by: sharingyoochun | May 16, 2012

[Pic] 120515 Yunho at The Taste of Money VIP Movie Premiere

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  2. I AM IN LOVE <3

  3. Beautiful~

  4. Kkkk, he looks like a high schooler in some manga with that outfit. Cute. ^^

    • ikr?!!! I completely agree…he looks like a kid

  5. Hope he shows up like this in Jaejoong’s movie Jackal next time hahahah

    • That’s imposible… TT
      poor Jae….

  6. Yunho~ah
    You are so handsome…
    You just have 2 options….

    marry me or marry jaejoongie??

    • …or marry me – so he has three options keke what a lucky fellow~~~

  7. i`ve see trailer for this film.. its shock !!
    omo.. i`m wonder what will yoonho thinking when he watch it…

    • you do remember that he’s 26 right???…okay

  8. he stood heavenly handsome at the platform T_T

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