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  1. My only complaint is that I wish Junsu was as naked as the rest of them XD

  2. …………where is my su and who is this guy?

    • He is XIA ^_^ and he is an artist who experiments and love showing different sides of himself.

      • @zirem

        Because the name “XIAH” is copyrighted by SM so he can’t use it.

      • I’m curious, why XIA and not XIAH?

      • @vik720 so that’s why.. Thanks! :)

  3. Dude I love it! ^______^ Its new and artistic and just fierce in a sexual way, which I love. He is putting his own twist on his character Death, it is intriguing and I can’t wait for the rest of the song/MV cuz from what I heard Flowsik sounds great and XIA’s whispering voice is sexy as hell!! XD

  4. omg !!!! so cool ! the mv is just as great as ever ! and i’m going to watch this live on 16th June ! hell yeah !

    • 16th june? I thought his concert is on 19-20th?

  5. OMO!!!! sexy junsu ^^

  6. our cutie pie is gone T_T
    but I can’t complain, Xia appeals to me ^^

  7. omg!!!!!!!! hotness overload!!!!!

  8. The song sounds haunting and amazing. This is one of the must unique MV teasers I’ve ever seen in Kpop and I’m sure the whole MV is going to be jaw dropping. Something tells me it’s going to be especially jaw dropping for the Korean public though XD Junsu is definitely putting some Musical aspects in this MV from what I can see. Yes, most likely it will be banned. But this is JYJ we’re talking about, they’ve been banned from so many things so who cares, right? Anyway I’m so excited<3<3 (cr: xchinax13).

    This is something kpop hasnt really done. Its a dark and bold concept, with actual dancers (most dancers arent sticks who just kick their feet and do hand motions. they have bodies that show the strength it takes to dance) and the overall feel is one that demands your attention even if you dont want it to. Artists like Lady Gaga and MJ, Adam Lambert etc., all have that quality. And its no surprise that he does too. Youll either love it or not, but it will get your attention either way. (cr: Paigers616).

    Why so many people going against the dancers? If Korean idols do the same we see it right and if someone else does it it's wrong? O_o Doble standars are not good. I love the concept, is different to anything we see before in kpop, he is just being his true self, breaking the image they impose him all these years. He is a man, sexy and talented. Love you Junsu. (cr: enyalorena).

    Mkay. It's growing on me. xD Pretty much, if the whole video consists of Junsu doing that slow, seducing walk in those leather pants, I shall be one happy Cassie. Oh yes. (cr: Avveh).

    "I just had an eye/eargasm …. Junsu, my soul is yours." (cr: doda9ilovegackt).

  9. I LUUUUV it!!!

  10. who am I? I think I’ve just seen the God of scene..

  11. Cjes or JYJ are copying SME the video titles and YJ making offical channel
    after SME groups had one in october

  12. he walk like gay…..

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