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[Trans] 120509 The Reveal of Kim Junsu’s MV, Unique Charisma “Keyword: Outstanding”‏

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JYJ Kim Junsu’s MV teaser for his solo album has aroused discussions.

On the 9th, the teaser for his solo album’s title song ‘Tarantallegra’ was revealed on both C-JeS’s official Youtube channel and offical Facebook page.

In the revealed clip, Kim Junsu displayed his unique charm throughout and showed his unique bewitching and alluring image.

Especially the presence of the dances by dancers who have worked with Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake, which further enhanced the visual effects.

In this revealed teaser of ‘Tarantallegra’, the intro features the collaboration of timpani and beat machine, giving a grand mystique feel. This heightened the anticipation for the title song.

C-JeS Entertainment expressed, “The keyword for this MV is ‘Outstanding’. Kim Junsu who is more oustanding than any other artistes and the mystique strength. In order to show it through strong visuals, the filming was done differently from the recent styles in MVs, producing with ‘top class quality’.”

credit: zenzen囧+starnnews
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun


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  2. This is indeed unique. Top class quality should also be in the message of the imagery. I found this teaser portion somewhat visually intimidating and over-the-top for me personally. It is being revealed in such short increments as to make me wonder actually how far did this go? Junsu, you don’t have to prove yourself at this point in time– we are all aware of your talent and masculinity which shows naturally in your everyday personality and activities.

  3. The song sounds haunting and amazing. This is one of the must unique MV teasers I’ve ever seen in Kpop and I’m sure the whole MV is going to be jaw dropping. Something tells me it’s going to be especially jaw dropping for the Korean public though XD Junsu is definitely putting some Musical aspects in this MV from what I can see. Yes, most likely it will be banned. But this is JYJ we’re talking about, they’ve been banned from so many things so who cares, right? Anyway I’m so excited<3<3 (cr: xchinax13).

    This is something kpop hasnt really done. Its a dark and bold concept, with actual dancers (most dancers arent sticks who just kick their feet and do hand motions. they have bodies that show the strength it takes to dance) and the overall feel is one that demands your attention even if you dont want it to. Artists like Lady Gaga and MJ, Adam Lambert etc., all have that quality. And its no surprise that he does too. Youll either love it or not, but it will get your attention either way. (cr: Paigers616).

    Why so many people going against the dancers? If Korean idols do the same we see it right and if someone else does it it's wrong? O_o Doble standars are not good. I love the concept, is different to anything we see before in kpop, he is just being his true self, breaking the image they impose him all these years. He is a man, sexy and talented. Love you Junsu. (cr: enyalorena).

    Mkay. It's growing on me. xD Pretty much, if the whole video consists of Junsu doing that slow, seducing walk in those leather pants, I shall be one happy Cassie. Oh yes. (cr: Avveh).

    "I just had an eye/eargasm …. Junsu, my soul is yours." (cr: doda9ilovegackt).

    I don't know what's wrong with everyone. I found the teaser to be cool. Open your minds to new things and be accepting instead of being so quick to judge and call out names. Really those comments on youtube are so hurtful and yet they didn't see the whole MV! (ーー;)

  4. Ummmm. I just watched it, and it gave me the same bad vibes that i would get after watching a witchcraft movie. I don’t know but i’m not so fond of it. I love Junsu a lot, but this is just too much for my taste. The director is a good one, but his style is different from the usual romantic and cute kpop scene, he has that gay and extreme style, well mainly because he is gay himself. I am sure the song is good coz it’s Xiah’s, but the MV is just weird for me and i know it’s not really him either. We’ve known him as an artist for a while now, and we know he’s a cute and sweet angel, but eversince he got that death role, it seems like he’s got into it so much, i want my sweet dolphin back!! A sexy transformation is good but to turn into something that gives a dark and feminine at the same time vibe, is a little too much in my opinion. But since i love him with all my heart, i have no choice but to still support his decision in his career..hehe.. I hope his album sells, being the first Dong Bang boy to release a solo one, i really hope he succeeds. :)

    • you know him? what about behind doors? who is junsu? what we see is soooo not what it is…”he is a nice man” he is nice, but who is the real guy just like you are so judgemental of the director, what about you? are you a human? black? white? should i judge you cause of your race? no, junsu got a role and he liked it cause for him it may be the chance for him to change that image of being so darn sweet, he likes women/men what ever i like the fact that JYJ int following the stupid trance of kpop “no kissing, no grinding, dance like robots and always smile” shut it and look out the window!

      • WOW! Are you serious?!You’re telling me to shut it?!Who are you?!Like you,i believe i’m entitled to my own opinion!Didn’t i make it clear that it was too much for my taste?!Mine!Mine!Not yours or anyone else’s!Did i say it was a terribly done MV or that everyone in the MV including Junsu and the director sucked??!NO!!Did i say Junsu is gay?!NO!There’s a new MV,an artist who has a new image that he just showed all of us,it is something new in kpop,everything is hella new,why am i not allowed to state my opinion?!Just coz it’s him?!?I’m a fan,a big one at that!But i still have my own mind and taste!Can’t you tell the difference between a fan and a basher?Do u not know the difference between a constructive and destructive criticism?!I think Xiah knew not everyone will be pleased by his transformation in this album from the get go!Did he care?Obviously not!Coz this is what he wanted,that’s why he did it!And good for him to be able to do what he desires!Do i personally like it that he did?!NO!But i’m sure he’s ready for the feedbacks as well,this is how someone progresses as an individual/artists!Am i suppose to be just blind or blank minded?!Always love everything that he does??!Geez fans are not members of some cult,alright?!They can have their opinions and still love their idol no matter what,just like i do!I said i hope he succeeds in this one!And that i’ll support his career move eventhough it’s too much for me!That’s what a real fan is,and not someone who thinks their idol can’t do no wrong!I said we know him as an artist not as a person,he’s clearly experimenting with this new style,when i said i know it’s not him,i meant the dark and gayish style of the concept, why,did you think it was so him?! Haha!I really hope not coz that would be just sad!LOL. I mentioned i want my sweet Xiah angel/dolphin back,didn’t I?! And i can say it a million times and nobody has the right to tell me otherwise! To each his own!Everyone has his own preference! Do not try to instill your thoughts on others coz that shows ignorance and arrogance! I don’t think you fully comprehended everything i said in my comment,and yet you went ahead and just started to pick an argument with a fellow fan just coz she doesn’t think of the concept like you do!This is ridiculous!Regarding the director,he’s known to be a gay director here in LA with artistic works like this one,does that make him a bad director?!Or a bad person?!HELL NO!Coz that’s his trademark style,and he’s good at it!!And i don’t care whether someone is gay,lesbo,black,white,yellow or blue!Do i think he’s a good director?Yes!Do i like his works?!NO!! Is it so freakin’ hard to get?!Next time,bash the trolls not a fan who clearly stated she’s a fan who loves the artist but has a different idea than yours!You should get out of the house more often,and maybe mature a bit,so you’ll know how the world works my dear! Gosh i just woke up and wrote a short story to some teeny bopper who pretends to be openminded when in reality,she’s totally the opposite of that! But i just really can’t stand people who say things before digesting their thoughts in their little head to see whether they’re being rational or not! Haha! I’m done with you!! Annhyeong!! hahahaha!

    • Agree..

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