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[Trans] 120508 JYJ Twitter Updates

Yoochun: Every sand grain turns into water droplet shaped diamond.

T/N: For YC’s tweet. Yoochun seems to be responding to a thread in PYC DC which says, “I wonder how many fans does Yoochun has. Now we do know there’s 650 000 people following his twitter. Now we know why are we alike the sands on the ground. I am also one of the sand bits. If so, I wish to be at the beach of a tropical place.


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Junsu: @ssoogilove Noona, how are you lately…? ^^

Kim Hyun Sook(@ssoogilove): @1215thexiahtic Hm~~~ because it’s the finale performance so I felt kinda…. I’m currently thinking of XiahTod… And live well… at the same time …

Yoon Young Suk (@yoonphantom): @1215thexiahtic how i miss…. XiahTod~ ^^ How are you recently? ^^

Yoochun: @ Hyun31222 ~^^ Noona~ I am Yoochun~ How are you lately??

Oh Seung Hyun (@ Hyun31222): @ 6002theMicky Mm mm~^^ Did you ate well before filming starts? Have to eat well, okay~ (T/N: C-JeS newly signed actress)

Yoochun: @ Hyun31222 Keke I’ll see how is it ^^ We have to meet again, okay ^^

Yoochun: In the various ingredients filled in the food basket, my favorite ingredient is mum’s love….

credit: JYJ baidu bar+yujini+freyazo
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Junsu new DP

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  1. So deep yet full of meaning….You’re really smart Yoochun-ah…indeed, you’re one of a kind…^^

  2. awwww~how considerate and sweet of Yuchun oppa ^^

  3. […] Credit: JYJ baidu bar+yujini trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun […]

  4. […] JYJ baidu bar+yujini trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun, […]

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