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[News] 120508 Release of SM singers movie ‘I Am’ delayed, why?

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The documentary movie I Am :  SM Town Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden (Director Choi Jin Sung, CJ Entertainment), featuring singers from SM Entertainment in concert, has delayed its release.

The movie was going to be released on May 10 but it announced the delay of release on May 8. A spokesperson for the movie, says, “We are adding more to the movie to maximize the sound effects because the movie was recorded at a concert in New York as well as a variety of previous performances and more.”

He added, “We will release the movie as soon as we finish putting the final touches on it.”

The first press conference for the movie was supposed to be held on April 30 at CGV in Seoul but it was canceled. The showcase, which was planned to be held on the same day, proceeded, but it made people curious about why the press conference was canceled.

Like the saying says, “Too many cooks spoil the soup,” the movie drew a lot of attention thanks to many singers from SM Entertainment, but it is creaking along.

The movie includes SM’s 4,824 tapes and Mnet’s 4,415 tapes, with recorded artists from the last 16 years. SM Town’s auditions, when they were trainees, up to the point when they appear on stage at Madison Square Garden are all portrayed in the movie.

Source: TV Report
credit: en.korea


  1. Hmm… for me it’s like they’re admitting that the sound was so crappy that they couldn’t fix it in time for the premiere. With their resources they could have re-written the sound anew during this preparation time…

    • it’s just PR, to bring up the anticipation

  2. hrm. I honestly don’t mean to be the troll in the mix here but to me “maximize the sound effects ” seems like a really off reason to delay – especially with Junsu’s album lurking around the corner. I can’t really say they’re trying to compete with it on purpose.. but it’s making me wonder.

    • JS’s solo is an album and I AM is just a documentary that will be in theaters. There won’t be any competition between them.

      Especially since, if the I AM trailers are anything to go by, SM isn’t even marketing the movie towards Cassies mainly but rather SONES :/

      If SM had really wanted to compete with JYJ, then they would have released I AM at the same time as JYJ’s The Day. But since they didn’t, I think SM is actually having some difficulties with this movie.

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