Posted by: sharingyoochun | May 4, 2012

[Vid] 120503 Joo Byung Jin’s Talk Show – TVXQ Cut

credit: AllRiseXiahtic


  1. The title of the post is misleading. I thought it means all TVXQ’s cuts from the show, not about the certain cut where Changmin jokingly says about being a member of SuJu.

  2. aww can u guys upload the rest of the cuts too? the other parts are even funnier than this one

  3. This part of the scenes was suppose to be funny, but i actually in all honesty did not find it to be, it kinda broke my heart while Changmin was talking about his envy towards SUJU and how they have so much fun when they practice together esp. when he said he yearns for the things that he doesn’t have, i am sure it makes him sad and miss the old times they had as 5. They used to be so happy and loud all the time when they were together, even them 2 who are not really the humurous type were such pranksters when they were with JYJ.. But now, the jokesters are gone and Homin are back to their normal quiet and reserved self.. It’s depressing! :(

    • I feel the same. I remember Changmin’s laughter and unbalanced eyes when he put a prank on Junsu. sigh… I am still waiting.

    • this is exactly what i was thinking while watch the video… ><

      • watching*

    • changmin is a douche and he hates jyj

      • If feeling hurt and bitter about the situation makes him a douche, then sure … he’s a huge douche.

        It’s inevitable that he must have felt hurt at the fact that his close hyungs and fellow team members left and that he’s lost friendships that lasted so long .. Some people tend to change that sadness and hurt into anger and bitterness …

        Don’t go around calling people douches without even trying to find out why he’s reacting the way he is.

      • Have no idea why you would make such a comment. Please don’t start a fan war here.

      • If changmin was a douche , then I really don’t know what is the right word 2 describe u , and what ?? he hates JYJ ??!!! well now I’m sure that u r one of those ppl throw any words in their comments just 2 make a fuss … and I feel stupid bcuz I replied 2 ur comment

      • Changmin was merely stating what he thinks, besides that it was clearly a joke. Besides if you say what you say it shows clearly how bad you know him.

    • I can see your point. Their past was great and it gave all of them a lot. But now JYJ and TVXQ has a separate lives, all of them decided what path they are going and by the look of it it’s what they want. I believe all of them wish to at least meet each other. But I don’t think that if there will be chance JYJ members will return to DBSK.

      All of them has so many great projects that makes so many fans happy, and I believe that all members are happy too. At least most of the time.

      Changmin became more open and lively. And I have never seen Yunho to be so relaxed, he’s laughing more and more now.

      Junsu shows what an amazing and talented singer he is, he showed his passion that is much more clear now. Yoochun and Jaejoong are so busy now but by the look of it they having a pleasure from their work.

      • A++++++

        also only recently changmin stated that he actually feels truly happy with the being a singer. when TVXQ5 were still together he always used to complain about that and say that he would never want to be a singer again. the fact that hes happy with his career path now and never wants to change it like before proves that he is more content now with his life than before.

  4. i adore MinSu and i believed changmin always became more open when junsu around! he always teased junsu but actually he love him alot! so thats why he seems bitter after jyj “left” him!
    jyj + homin = dbsk!!!

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