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[News] 120504 The mystery about the murder case of the Crown Princess will be revealed on Rooftop Prince

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Solving the mystery about the murder case of the crown princess will be the main story of SBS TV’s drama series Rooftop Princetowards the end.

In the 13th episode of Rooftop Prince that aired on May 3, Park Ha (played by Han Ji Min) and Hong Se Na (played by Jung Yumi)’s real mother Mrs. Jang (played by Na Young Hee) appeared again. Accordingly, it’s tipped that the fact that Park Ha and Hong Se Na are sisters will soon be revealed. It’s an important fact that implies their relationship in the Joseon Dynasty period and the present.

At the end of the episode, prince Lee Gak (played by JYJ’s Yoo Chun) realized how Park Ha and the crown princess were related. As he started to solve the mystery, it will be the main story towards the end of the series.

The producer Ahn Gil Ho says, “The first part of this series was about how the prince and his men would get used to the life of the present, the middle part was about the prince and Park Ha falling in love. The last part will mainly be about how they will solve the mystery about the murder case of the crown princess.”

Ahn also says, “As the prince tries to solve the mystery, you’ll be able to see the series’s strong plot.”

source: TV Report
credit: en.korea


  1. I don’t want this drama to be end :(
    I love Lee Gak, I love Tae Yong, most of all I like Park Yoochun <3 <3 <3

  2. I can’t believe its going to end soon..Rooftop Prince..I’ii surely miss watching this drama.. it’s so nice…I’ll be missing most importantly you Yoochunah…^^

    just click on heart button ♥ and we can vote as much as we want!
    Lets show the power of CASSIOPEIA and lets set another record!

  4. Yes I don’t want it to end so soon , Yoochun is such a wonderful actor as he portrays the character so well. In the meantime, I’m also curious about the mystery. Rooftop Prince ,the plot is a great story. Han Ji Min , she is good too. It takes all these main characters to make the drama so entertaining to watch. Frankly ,Lee Gak’ 3 assisstants , they too supported the drama so well.
    Park Yoochun , you have my vote for any award as you proved to be an awesome actor.

  5. More 6 episodes to go, Yes!! But then, it will be the end…T-T
    I can wait to see the mystery behind the murder, to see if my theories are right.
    And I’ll definitely vote for Rooftop Prince ^o^

  6. I don’t want it to end -_________- The long wait every week,, I will definitely miss it… I hope this drama will gain many awards as well as the actors… and of course, best actor award for our PRINCE … FIGHTING!!!

  7. oh oh RTP … plz don come 2 an end .. but *sigh* this is the way life goes , plus I really want 2 see how chunnie is gonna solve all that mystery behind the murder this thing have been nagging my head non-stop … RTP fighting

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