Posted by: sharingyoochun | May 2, 2012

[News] 120502 JYJ’s Yoochun belatedly revealed to have been in a car accident

It has been belatedly revealed that JYJ‘s Yoochunwas involved in a car accident recently.

The accident occured at 1AM on April 26th while the singer/actor was being transported to the next filming location for the drama ‘Rooftop Prince‘ in Gwangju. His manager who was driving the van is said to have been dozing off at the wheel, leading the van to crash into the car in front.

Although Park Yoochun has been experiencing body aches, the actor has been unable to pay a visit to the hospital due to his extremely tight drama schedule.

A drama staff who was at the scene stated, “The other actors and actresses, including Park Yoochun, have a hectic schedule with less than two hours of sleep a day. Because managers are together with the actors/actresses, they too are suffering. All of the drama staff members are exhausted.”

As the accident had taken place before the ‘48th Baeksang Arts Award‘, Park Yoochun arrived at the ceremony riding Jaejoong‘s car instead of his van.

Source & Image: Daily Sports via Nate
credit: allkpop


  1. Korea seriously needs to implement some human health rights or something for these actors. They are being overworked, and one of these days, the consequences will be severe. Lives can be lost…I hope they consider this before TV broadcasting stations push so much for these shows to be aired out.

  2. OMG chunnniiie oppa O_O i just knew ab this
    n he even didnt go 2 a hospital T_T
    all of this happened cuz of the drama schedule
    Damn it why is it this tight n wrong !!!!!
    they r human being ! they hv 2 sleep @ lest for 4 hours ,and 2 eat n 2 rest each day!
    i hope he is fine n no thing hurts him T___T
    oppa plz plz plz take care

  3. why did they give him a very hectic schedule with only less than 2 hours to sleep… pls consider the health of your actors… I do hope Yoochun is really fine..Pls take extra care Yoochun.

  4. Can’t take him to the hospital because his schedule is too tight?!?! That’s ridiculous!!!! I don’t mind waiting for the episodes to come out like a week later. I want Chunnie to go and get the check up done!! For fan’s, and should be everyone’s, the priority is to see the actors/actresses healthy and well. Is the schedule even more important than someone’s wellbeing???? I really can’t accept this!! ><**

  5. TT yoochun oppa after this drama u have to eat, drink, and sleep well TT

  6. in Miss Ripley he got sick and i don’t want to see he get sick after Rooftop Prince anymore T_T should care about actor and actress healthy

  7. omg, I’m happy nothing happened to him but he should go to the hospital for some check up. I don’t want him to get sick.

  8. let be our Prince have at least rest for about 4 hrs..think their health as well…don’t want him to be sick…..and thanks it’s only a minor accident but plzzzz let him have a check up!!!

  9. This is sad news :( Hope everything truly went well and that he won’t be experiencing any problems later on. The schedules are maddening. The thought of anyone involved in these productions being seriously hurt or even killed because of the rush and the workload just freaks me out.

  10. hah…… oppa…. you always do your best right… but please take care of your helth… hope something like this never happen again…. thank god you save…

  11. as much as i wanted to watch RP on time,it is much more to wanna see n to know that chunnie is healthy..i felt gratefull that our entertainment industry is more relax than this..

  12. oh god this is just ….. unbelieveable …. I mean taking him 2 a near hospital 4 a quick check wasn’t gonna destroy the entereainment industry ,now was it ?! just have mercy on all those actors and actresses….gosh :(
    and chun baby , be strong and take care of ur self …. rooftop prince is the most amazing wednesday-thursday drama out there ever (( well at least 4 me )) … but still , ur health is wayyyyyyy more important than a drama 4 us <3 <3 <3

  13. Poor Chunnie T-T
    I don’t really blame the manager since all of them are only getting a couple of hours sleep..thats really bad for their health!
    but maybe the manager could hire a driver next time instead of taking the wheel himself when he’s too exhausted to handle the drive.
    i’m just thankful that Chunnie is safe and sound,but hope he gets to catch up on sleep soon.

  14. If they can delay airing an episode for the elections–they can delay it for allowing an opportunity for Chunnie and his manager to get some overdue medical help. This isn’t the first time that these types of things have occurred–and we always get the news too late to pray for their immediate needs right after it has happened.
    I wonder whether there is have anything equivalent in Soiuth Korea to the Actors Guild here in the United States that will grant them more rights as performers. If not, there should be. Praying and Fighting, Chunnie. <3.

  15. There must be some guidelines as to how many hours aday a person works and rest. This time may be minor but the next time maybe not so lucky, be in actor/actress any staff ,they are human beings and not robots.So I hope Yoochun do rest and seek medical advice as sometimes the injury may surface after a perioid time…..take care Yoochun

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