Posted by: sharingyoochun | April 30, 2012

[Pic] 120430 Yunho – I AM Movie Twitter Update

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Streaming for the showcase: here

credit: @iam_movie
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  1. Lol! Flaming charisma Minho is trying to stare down his (shorter) sunbaenim? Haha…

  2. I don’t think Minho is taller than Yunho

    Minho’s height is 181 cm while Yunho’s height is 183 cm

    However, this picture is too great

    Handsome boys

  3. so cute … :)

  4. Yeah Yunho is taller than Minho

  5. LOL r they playing a staring match or smth ??? any way they both look gorgeous <3 <3 <3

  6. It’s coz Yunnie is leaning to the side a bit, so he looks shorter ^^
    Nevertheless still gorgeous

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