Posted by: sharingyoochun | April 30, 2012

[Pic] 120430 JYJ Official Facebook – Junsu’s first solo album ‘Xia Trantellegra’ teaser poster!

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김준수의 1st 정규 앨범’Xia Trantellegra’ 의 티저 포스터를 공개 합니다. Just uploaded Junsu’s first solo album ‘Xia Trantellegra’ teaser poster!

credit: JYJ FB
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  1. Ha! He named his album after a Harry Potter spell! The Dancing Jinx! LOL

  2. LOL XD did he just use “Xiah” name? XD oppa I love you LOL still holding on his old name~

    he kind of looks scary XD OMG what is he planing for?

  3. “Xia” without the H?? ..because of the rights to use the name, right? XP And the harry potter spel!! XD Dancing jinx~
    Creepy teaser pic??? That long hair really reminds me of GD’s seaweed hair @_@;;

  4. HP and Junsu? Never thought that those two fandoms of mine would ever collide LOL.

  5. My Junsu..
    From The Death to SoulEater.
    You could eat my soul anytime anywhere, Xia~

  6. wow this is gonna be awesome “XiA” … just look at that pic
    our susu is abit on the dark side these days kekeke ….. I’m sorry susu baby but no matter how hard u try 2 look bad and scary ,u’ll always stay our duck butt -dolphene boy XDDDDDD

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