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[News] 120430 JYJ’s Jun Su names his first solo album “Xia”

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JYJ’s Jun Su released the teaser poster and the name of his first solo album after releasing its visual concept, Unequalled, last week.

On April 30, C-jes Entertainment, JYJ’s agency, released the teaser poster of Jun Su’s first solo album on JYJ’s official Facebook account (

In the teaser poster, Jun Su is wearing a cloak, showing a dark image. There’s also a phrase that reads Xia Trantellegra, which is the album’s title.

Trantellegra, which is written in a strong style, means a magic spell that makes people dance. It’s the lead track composed by Jun Su.

As the teaser poster gives a powerful image of Jun Su, people are now curious about the jacket photo, which will be released soon.

A spokesperson for Jun Su says, “The title of Jun Su’s first solo album is Xia. Xia is a representative identity of Jun Su. It also means a type of album that combines all the talents of Jun Su.”

The advance sales for Jun Su’s first solo album Xia will start on May 4 on and offline.

The second teaser video of Jun Su’s first solo album will be released on May 2 on JYJ’s official YouTube channel (, and the jacket photo will be released on May 4.

Jun Su will hold his first concert at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium on May 19 and 20. He will then start his concert tour in Asia. He will hold live concerts in six Asian countries, and it will start in Thailand on May 27. Jun Su’s popularity in Thailand was proved as all 3,000 tickets, partially out for sale, were sold out only in ten minutes.

source: Starnews
credit: en.korea


  1. why xia??? Where’s the H? Is someone blocking the usage of xiah??

    • If I remember correctly, ‘Xiah’ copyrights belong to SM, unfortunately :( So we can suppose that yes, he can’t use that exact spelling on the name…

      • its sad that he can’t use “xiah” when he’s been signing off like that all the while…

  2. […] share by : sharingyoochun […]

    oh oh should i or should i not go and catch him live ;_;

    • r u crazy?? of course u shud!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

      • but i probably won’t go back to my hometown by then anyway ;_;

  4. Junsu is delving into an area of dark sprirituality that is intensely real. June, please be very careful to guard your own spirit and the spirits of those around you. There is a lot of responsibility involved in being this visible and influential. I will be praying and always loving. Momma Cha

  5. can i ask something?
    can he actually win the music charts without even performing?

    Let say (or should I say I can foresee his album going to b a blast) the album top the chart, cn he wins without performing at Music Bank, Inkigayo, etc?
    is that possible?

    • i’m wondering the same. Also if i remember correctly those music shows said that they were banning JYJ as a group using stupid excuses as the group is involved in a lawsuit. But they said clearly that they will not do it for individual activities. So i guess Junsu solo will be a test for that statement.

      • Really…..that’s great…so let wait and see the result then….^^

        But I highly doubt that they will let him perform on music bank, chart, etc,etc,..
        Coz Japanese media coverage on FC men match really frustrating that I end up thinking will they let him perform on TV if he goes solo or they will keep saying about lawsuit thingy and say he can’t….but either ways it doesn’t matter to me anymore coz I going to buy his CD no matter what….^^

  6. Like a death vader, xia, can’t wait for this album! Fighting xiah JunSu!

  7. Fighting Junsu!!!

  8. Fighting baby !!!!!!

  9. He must be so sad for not able to used the name. And I really really really hate everyone who make my boys sad. But I should stop my comment now, before I used all the bad words to that SoMeone.

  10. Showing a dark image…i really like this poster,coz his didn’t show his “FACE” in the poster.This make me more interesting about his first solo album,what kind of the music he will let his fans/not fans know about “HIM”….~~^_^*

  11. sadako?

  12. He maybe can’t write ‘XIAH’ but even with ‘XIA’ the pronouncement is the same so who cares? Cassiopeia knows what ‘XIAH’ mean and don’t worry Junsu U are the best not only in Asia~! ^^

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