Posted by: sharingyoochun | April 27, 2012

[Trans] 120426~120427 JYJ Twitter Updates‏

Kwak Yong Hwan (@plmok30): @mjjeje Jaejoong hyung, ke, Hyung I’m waiting patiently. ^^ You didnt forget it right? Ke

Jaejoong: @plmok30 How would I forget? ^^ Just wait.

Kwak Yong Hwan: @mjjeje Keke ^^ I will give hyung a call Ke

Kwak Yong Hwan: @mjjeje Hyung, I really enjoyed the food. ^^
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Jaejoong: @plmok30 Hyung enjoyed it too ^^ It’s good ^^

Yoochun: Thank you very much for another beautiful memory created. ^__________________________^

Junsu: Going to Japan~ ^^ And it’s for football… Keke Am actually agitated but felt so funny upon thinking about it.

Kwak Yong Hwan: Coffee time at the airport.. while listening to Junsu hyung’s songs ^^ The songs are really good. Ke. Please wait for us, Japan~ Ke

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credit: jnam + josiemiao
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun


  1. That looks ridiculously delicious. So hungry now >.<

  2. Could someone pls translate jj’s sister’s (@shie486) tweets? She said sth about jae and junsu^^

  3. the food so tempting ,,,,,,, must be great, hope they enjoyed it

  4. When am I going to get to be at one table wiv joongie? Oh jealousy is getting me nutz><

  5. Is Kwak Yong Hwan the actor who took part in Yoochun’s brother-Yoohwan’s new drama~ The Strongest Kpop Survival? :D Nvr knew that JYJ members ll know him~

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