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[News] 120427 Teaser for TVXQ Changmin’s Japanese movie debut in ‘Hold Onto the Gold and Fly’ released

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The teaser video for the Japanese movie, ‘Hold Onto the Gold and Fly‘, featuring TVXQ‘s Changmin, was released on the 27th.

The movie is set to premiere in November 2012. ‘Hold Onto the Gold and Fly’ is a movie based on the novel by best-selling mystery and suspense writer Kaoru Takamura, and is directed by Kazuyuki Izutsu, who is best known for his movie ‘Crash‘. The film tells the story of six men who go on a mission to steal gold.

The teaser shows a glimpse of the main characters including Satoshi Tsumabuki, Asano Tadanobu, Nishida ToshiyukiJunpei Mizobata, and Kenta Kiritani. You can also see TVXQ’s Changmin play the role of a North Korean spy who disguises himself as a study abroad student.

Check out the teaser for ‘Hold Onto the Gold and Fly’ below.

source: Newsen
credit: allkpop


  1. november?too late

  2. I wonder how fast it will available for downloading.

    • I wonder how fast it will be available with subs.

      • I believe pretty fast. A lot of subbing teams upload subs after 5-6 day after the drama airing. Maybe, since it’s Japanese movie, it will take a little longer =)

  3. Nov!? Why so long!?!?!?! T_T

    • You sound like the same person that I had addressed a few days ago regarding their TONE interview. Bitter much? Jealous much? If I were you, I would feel very shameful to be called a DBSK Fan. Think twice before you much such low-in-character comment.

      • Why such a strange reaction, 4kaykay ? o_O

      • Sorry Kimberly Sie, I meant to reply to Ken.

  4. He’s not that good of a actor,PR was a disaster

    • I wouldn’t say it was disastrous. But at the same time his acting can’t be considered good too. It’s such a big role for a person who has very little acting experience. Something much smaller would be good for him. That way he will gain experience for more bigger roles.

      His role in Hold Onto the Gold and Fly’ is smaller but I think his character is more difficult then the one he played. I’m curious how everything will turn out.

      Changmin, Hwaiting!!

    • Well, I’m not an expert, and I lean more toward JYJ now but even I can tell that Changmin is the second best actor among the five of them after Yoochun. With little to no expirience he did pretty well in his drama, he could be a good actor later if he wanted to be.

      • I think the 5 of them are had little or even no exprience in acting when they started it. But we can see from the result. In my personal opinion Yoochun is def the number one and follow by Jaejoong and Junsu. I think Changmin needs to learn more in acting.

      • @Jxiky
        Yoochun is definitely the best. He shows his emotions easily and it’s a bonus for an actor so he’s good.
        I think Changmin is next, his acting seems natural on the screen. Jaejoong is a little bit stiff when it comes to acting, he can’t really express his emotions with his face but his body language helps him a lot.
        Yunho is not that bad as the ratings of his drama indicated. The plot was terrible and his silly character at the beginning didn’t catch the viewers attention and when the production team realised this and changed his character in the middle of the filming it was already a lost case. His not the best actor I’ve seen but there are worst than him.
        Sorry, our Susu is not made for the movies and he knows that. He would be a great actor in those mute films of the old times (I dare say even the best among the five boys). He plays with his whole body, face, expressions, gestures… With his whole heart. He can convey his feelings, his emotions like nobody I’ve seen before, he’s great. But boy can’t talk naturally to save his life. :) He’s like he’s reciting a poem in every drama he played in, sounds un-natural. This kind of over-exagerated type of talking is perfect for the stage, for the theatre, it’s even a requirement, that’s why he is so good at musicals. He can sing and he can play at the same time without needing to worry about his lines. No wonder he prefers musicals and I thing he chose wisely. He’s the best in what he does now and he enjoys it.

    • what do u mean?
      be careful dear… write something that u did n`t regret later ….

      movie has not coming out yet.. so don`t decide it yet…
      u never know how hard changmin work for this movie..

      seriously people like u always make something stupid word to make disaster in here…

    • So just don’t watch it! You don’t have to make a rude comment!

  5. hmm… a north korean spy disguised as a student… it sounds like changmin’s character is going to die. ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    i’m excited to see the movie though. it sounds like it will be very intriguing. i like caper movies!

  6. Changmin movie,, he looks like korean obviously he a korean guy, hahaha but I’m sure Changmin will be the most handsome.. in this movie!!! you can visit the movie page wed here and is also the poster of the movie.. so sexy oppa!!!

  7. All I can see is Satoshi Tsumabuki, I like him a lot..^^
    I’m not sure about Changmin in drama or movies, but with an open minded, let us see how everything turned out..

  8. It looks like one of those heist films. They can be good, funny and fast paced. Changmin’s role sounds intriguing…

  9. changmin and junpei mizobata
    heaven 8D

  10. half a year to go !!! T-T
    i hope they air this in other countries too ^^
    Minnie’s get up in the film makes it seem his character is going to be an interesting one who has to hide his identity very well and always running from others..well we’ll see when the film releases ^^



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