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[News] 120427 JYJ’s Yoo Chun and Han Ji Min have a kiss in tears on The Rooftop Prince

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Prince Lee Gak (played by JYJ’s Yoo Chun) and Park Ha (played by Han Ji Min) of SBS TV’s drama series The Rooftop Princehad a first kiss.

Thinking that Park Ha left him after reading her letter, Lee Gak stayed up all through the night waiting for her to come back. When Park Ha finally came back, Lee Gak said affectionate words to her.

Lee Gak said, “Do you know how much I’ve been looking for you? Do you really want to worry me? Why are you making me like this? I’ve worried about you all day long yesterday. Now I know as I see your face. I really missed you all day.”

Lee Gak also confessed his love saying, “Why are you making me like this? When you were not here, I realized that I really liked you.” At this, Park Ha finally dropped tears. They eventually had a kiss in tears.

Thanks to the kissing scene, the viewer ratings also went up to 11.3% (according to AGB Nielsen Media) and the series ranked the second in all drama series in the same time slot.

People responded: “After confessing his love, tears were dropped from the left eye of the prince. Tears were also dropped from the left eye of Park Ha. It was really touching,” “The kiss in tears was really moving,” “I feel so great after seeing the kissing scene,” “It was really a cute kissing scene.”

As a romance between the prince and Park Ha is tipped, it’s expected to attract more viewers’ attention.

source: TV Report
credit: en.korea


  1. Hyaaa~~~~ DAEBAK!!!!!!!!

  2. its so addictive, always look forward to Wed & Thur and if it ends Wed & Thurs become meaningless, This happen also with Yoochun last 2 dramas,,,,,,…he is awesome

  3. I kinda disappoint a little bit. Actually, I think this is not a first kiss. It’s a FIRST CHIN KISS. He kiss her chin mostly! I watch it and like really? Yoochun! Don’t afraid of Junjang that much! I know Junsu do watch this drama lol Just kiss her deeply!!!!!!! Because I really hate Bak ha bitch sister!!!!!!!!

    • I agree. I wish there was more lip movement as well.

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