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[Trans] 120423 Bigeast Staff Report : Kyocera Dome Osaka Last Day

Today, the “Tohoshinki Live Tour 2012 ~TONE~”, which began on 18 January this year, had its finale at the Osaka Kyocera Dome! The final day of the tour which went all across the nation, and was welcomed by a lot of red power. The last rehearsal for the tour began in a very relaxed mood.

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However, when everyone formed up to do the cheers before the actual show, the sense of nervousness which was felt was stronger than ever. Just as Changmin mentioned during the concert, the dancers and band members started getting teary-eyed. At that moment, I could really feel that today’s stage would be a good one.

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What Yunho said during the encore, the feeling of how, “Although we feel that we become one with everyone each time, we totally became one today!” could in fact be felt very strongly. Also, as Changmin mentioned, “Today, I am not just saying this to be politically correct, but it is a concert that allowed us to truly feel how blessed we are.” It was a live that truly lived up to the spirit of, “A concert (produced by the efforts of) not only Tohoshinki, but also the entire staff team behind the scenes, and the ‘Red Ocean’ team!”

We were glad to hear Yunho say, “It is thanks to everyone that Tohoshinki is here today. We will work hard everywhere we go, but thank you everyone for creating good memories for us today! Today was a really amazing day for me as a person!”

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Today, we think that Yunho and Changmin truly felt that they became one with everyone, even those who were not able to come to the venue. We want to continue creating moments for where we can become one with everyone who has created so many great memories for us!

Please continue to give your support to Tohoshinki! And thank you so much for today!

Source : [Bigeast Official Site]
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