Posted by: sharingyoochun | April 23, 2012

[Vid] 120421 LOTTE DUTY FREE – JYJ in STAR AVENUE Part 2

credit: YukaHae


  1. I wish I knew what they were being asked. Poor Yoochunnie and Junsu. Lucky Jae!

  2. i don`t understand… :-(

  3. jj :
    question : do you think you’re the most handsome of the group ?
    answer : no. (no reaction from the truth machine so he’s not lying)
    Q : so who is the most handsome ? A: Me (reaction) It means he’s lying. A: I don’t think I’m handsome. (audience : you’re ! you’re)
    Q : Do you hate women who are bad at cooking ? A: no. It’s ok even if it’s bad. But I like when she make some efforts. (yuchun: and even if she makes every effort and the food is still bad… !!!) jj : I think it’s good when someone is happy to cook for the person he/she loves. (sum up coz jj didn’t explain well and the woman re-explain)
    Q: what is you ideal type of woman.
    A: someone with a warm heart. (they argued about the machine whether it works or not) JJ: then I like when she looks a little like a rebel, a bad girl.
    woman: it had no reaction so it means you told the truth.
    yuchun : we can’t trust that machine.

    Q : when you look at your dramas, you’re always fooled by beautiful women. We can think : how can a man be so bad at understanding women and can not see that they are so bad ? Q : yuchun, are you usually fooled by women.
    A : NO !! (it’s ok, it’s the truth !)
    YC : really, we can’t trust that thing !! JS : no we can’t ! woman : if we can’t trust it, it means that you’re easily fooled by women !
    Q : in the dramas you played, among the 3 girls, is there your ideal type of girl ?
    jj : I think there is !
    A : yes ! (Truth ) js : oh this time we can trust it ! yc : it’s not that she’s my ideal but i like her good nature (not the actress, the heroine). js : and then ? then ? yc : (mumbles) js : over ? over ? yc : no it’s nothing ! js : nothing !

    Q: do you think you’re the best vocal among the 3 ?
    A :no !! (jj and yc told the camera there is a big bug on js’s shoulder/ the bug is filmed)
    js : a present for you ! (the bug)

    (next video later, sorry for english mistakes)

  4. hahaha im sorry but jae’s reaction at seeing the bug is so priceless, and yoochun too!

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