Posted by: sharingyoochun | April 23, 2012

[Pic] 120421 LOTTE DUTY FREE – JYJ in STAR AVENUE Part 2

49 pic ( rar file)

credit: venus_chin93
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  1. thank God…
    They’re looks happy

  2. Makes me happy seeing their happy faces….jaejoong squatting on the chair is cute :-D!!!!!

  3. i know its not related but just want to share this…thank you!

    • i can’t see that….

  4. They look happy :-)

  5. they really look so happy… seeing all their smiles makes my day complete. XD

  6. jaesu are all touchy feely i see
    well, im not complaining XDDDDD

  7. Love all the pictures, How come they become more and more adorable each time I see them.. So cute..^^

  8. I spy Jaesu! That leaves Yoochun all for me! jk. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I’m crazy for JaeJoong

  10. asian men really look the best/handsome with black hair.

  11. beautiful smiles ^^

  12. thumbs up !! i agree with raa9051 keke, somehow i d like to see our boyz in black hair :x

  13. ^O^ JYJ so Cute
    thanks for sharing

  14. indeed they are cute specially jaejoong, i love it! sharing his edited picture…!/IMyour_ONLYgirl/media/slideshow?

  15. adding another jaejoong to share…!/IMyour_ONLYgirl/media/slideshow?

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