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  1. god jae looks so good with black hair again..

    junsu, please do the same lol

  2. ahhh babyjae is back to black.
    always looks good on him and the bang is a bit longer than normal which made him cuter..hnggggg~ what are you doing to my heart jae~

  3. Its good to see Jaejoong in dark color hair, looks great .

  4. I read some fan accounts, but the photos really tell the story. They are so cute, sweet, lovely, gorgeous. They seem so happy to be together again and with the J fans.

  5. RIP to the fabulous Jae blond hair… T_T
    I don’t get why people like Jae in black hair… Red and Blond are just soooooo more his colour (even if Black is hos natural XD)

    • rlly? when i first saw him with blond hair ( well platinum) in balloons, n my 1st impression of him, was that he looked like a chick ( as in farm animal :p); the blond hair he had last month reminded me of mustard o.O; n to me red makes him look older;
      but think about it like this: 100% sexy with natural color AND not having to dye it every month or so; and he did say in come on over that his hair is thinning
      and dying it never helps with that…

      ah, just so you don’t get the wrong idea, i’m not against your opinion XD; he looks good no matter the color ^^~

  6. Last pic, omg, yoosu <333333

  7. Jaejoong hair is back >.< . Always looks good with the black hair~

  8. they all look awesome…though only jae pics are more visible here but still su and chun looks stunning….chun smile makes my heart melt as always…

  9. jaejae looks so good in this black hair!!! i think he looks awesome in any hairstyle, but i didn’t like his previous yellow blond one ): so glad he changed it!
    susu should revert back to a darker hair colour and spike it up a little!
    chunnie looks good in any short black hair! (:

  10. on 6th pic
    He smiled..
    but why I felt his sadness and sorrow
    who’s the hell person made You like that
    I hope Jae always be happy
    smile with naturally and sincerely

  11. Jaejoong is more handsome than ever. They say his hair now is like in the Mirotic days but he’s much more attractive now.

  12. Hi i know its not related but I just want to share this

  13. […] ➤ After all we´ve heard this fanmeeting was fun! [Pic] 120421 LOTTE DUTY FREE – JYJ in STAR AVENUE […]

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