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[News] 120419 Actress Park Min Young is cast in MBC’s ‘Dr. Jin (working title)’

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Actress Park Min Young was recently cast in MBC’s Dr. Jin (working title) to play opposite actor Song Seung Heon.

The series Dr. Jin is based on a Japanese comic of a same title. Song appears in the series as surgeon Jin Hyuk, who time travels to the 1860s—the Jo Seon Dynasty—and experiences various things.

Park Min Young plays the role of Yoo Mi Na, who is a competent surgeon, living in 2012. Tracing back to Jo Seon Dynasty, she appears as Hong Young Rae, a lady from a ruined noble family. Park’s two characters, Yoo and Hong have similar but different charms at the same time.

Yoo, who live in modern days, is a pleasant, naturally-happy person, and she is very emotional so sometimes loses her temper. However, she is so warm-hearted that she can’t pass by when she sees someone in need. Hon Young Rae, who lives in Jo Seon Dynasty, looks alike Mi Na, but has completely different character. She is really careful, strong, and warm hearted.

The series, also starring Kim Jae Joong and Lee Bum Soo, is to begin airing on May 26.

source: TV Report
credit: en.korea


  1. Not sure I like her for this drama with Jae :/

  2. for sure she will kiss my hero:'(

  3. really ahahah…is this destined?coincidence?..ahahhaha Park Min Young in Dr. Jin then Lee Min ho in Faith..Faith has been accused of Plagiarism bcoz of The reason that both dramas contain a storyline of a doctor from the current timeline travelling into the past….ahahahaha….watttah…..!..interesting huh..the Ex lovers are going to make different drama with the same storyline!…..

  4. this is good… who is more popular LMH or PMY

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