Posted by: sharingyoochun | April 16, 2012

[Pic] 120416 JYJ Official Facebook Update

Junsu and Jaejoong @ Studio

credit: JYJ FB
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  1. oh.. so it like that their record studio look like
    such a awesome room

  2. jae so handsome…miss him so much^___^
    jaesu HWAITING!!!

  3. Blonde really does suit junsu…
    the passion when they’re working… urghh…
    can’t wait for the album. definitely heaven!

  4. Yeah!!! In my next pre-order list~

  5. producer kim and singer kim in action!! woah, im so excited! it will be daebak for sure!

  6. JJ!!! >.< you're so handsme with black hair!

    He’s so handsome, sexy, flawless,
    HOT HOT HOT…. flawless skin……

  8. Love your black & blond hair…2Kim (Jaejoong , Junsu)

  9. Awesome 2 kim is awesome. It’s epic, blonde Su and The Pretty man ever Jae is working together like this. I’m faint Jaesuuuu >,,<

  10. Congratulations Junsu on this album production. You have the talent and potential for a beautiful work. Please keep it wholesome and lots of runs. Jaejoong, you are a gifted, helpful brother and Hyung. :)

  11. Black again! Amen/

  12. Jae!!! You’re so handsome :*
    The hair color’s really suitable to you, you look very attractive :*

  13. Jae’s black hair, omg too handsome n hot!! Susu’s solo album <3
    so when is JYJ Eng album, I love the 3 voices!! Fighting !

  14. thats too cool. can’t wait
    i wonder what type of music will be on the album
    AHHH!!! can’t wait ^^

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