Posted by: sharingyoochun | April 16, 2012

[Pic] 120407 TVXQ – MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok

40 pic (rar file)

*NOSE BLEED* his hands!!

credit: MARS+pingbook
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  1. oh god O_O

    i cant breath… can he get even hotter than he already is

  2. even though I had see michael jackson do that pose
    I’m never interested
    yunnie please don’t do that…
    don’t put your hand on that area…
    *crazy fan girling*
    *nose bleed*

  3. Thnaks guys~ I hate the stylist T_T Why was (s)he the sameas for the Mv? Wae? T_T

  4. *noce bleed* omg…….SYC is trying to kill me !!!
    Gosh, those pics…..
    Yunho…… *jkhgjbhfgljlrkjglrk*

  5. i hate the fabric of their clothes… :( in the 11th picture it looks like Yunho is wearing a plunging halter top with no boobs to support it.. :))

    • LOL Well I never thought we would see that FABRIC again.
      It’s the same pattern an almost the same color from the original KYD video. Why re-use it?

  6. OMO…. The 2nd n 3rd pic…..

  7. Yunho has beautiful hands

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