Posted by: sharingyoochun | April 16, 2012

[News] 120416 TVXQ and KARA win the Golden Disc in Japan


TVXQ and KARA won the Golden Disc, given by Recording Industry Association of Japan.

According to Recording Industry Association of Japan, TVXQ’s new Japanese single Still, released on March 14, won the Golden Disc, which is given when over 10,000 copies of the album are sold.

TVXQ also topped the charts with the single album.

TVXQ topped both the daily single chart and the weekly single chart of the Oricon Chart on the day the album was released. TVXQ were the first foreign singing group that topped the weekly single chart for ten times since the Oricon was born 45 years ago.

KARA also strengthened their position as the representative Hallyu girl group.

Having their first exclusive concert at Yokohama Arena on April 14, KARA won the Golden Disc for their new single album Speed Up/Girls’ Power, released on March 21.

TVXQ and KARA are currently having their concert tours in Japan. Under the title of TVXQ Live Tour 2012~Tone~, TVXQ are holding 26 concerts in 11 cities in Japan, attracting nearly 550,000 audiences.

source: Starnews
credit: en.korea


  1. wowwwwwwwwww,,,TVXQ&KARA congrat….!!!
    TVXQ is the best,,,!!!
    I love u MAX,,,,,!!!

  2. Congratulations to my favorite groups; TVXQ and KARA!!!
    Wait a minute it’s supposed to be “which is given when over 100,000 copies of the album are sold.” It’s not 10,000, the real one is 100,000.

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