Posted by: sharingyoochun | April 8, 2012

[Trans] 120406 JYJ’s Twitter Update part 2

@mjjeje @1215thexiahtic @6002theMicky: whoah, whoah.. There’s only two friends I’m following.. Why are there so many tweets coming up, making me crazy? Can’t you move back to the living room and filming set right this moment! Although of course, I also plan to watch Rooftop Prince all in one go today…

@mjjeje @1215thexiahtic @6002theMicky: in reality, it’s fun… This drama called Rooftop Prince.. Personally, I’m Woo Yong Sul’s fan.

In ancient times, I could’ve gone to the same health club as Yong Tae Mi.. I heard that in actuality, his body is accomplished and praiseworthy.

I will sleep.

@mjjeje @TAE_SAMA: if you stop, it wouldn’t be good for the body. I’m watching the drama well ~ be strong in your filming~!! -[in reply to]- my body is very weak right now, it’s not accomplished at all.. Kk

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  1. i wonder who took the picture of Jaejoong before he went to sleep XD

    • Jiji!! Btw, I’m still confuse is Jiji a boy or a girl? In COO JJ said it’s she…

  2. oh no..he can’t have girlfriend in his home..andwae…

  3. jejung so funny..hehe…he has the most follower. but he only following junsu and yuchun..

    • If someone didn’t hack his tweeter, he would still follow his close friend and co-workers.

  4. :D Jae is a fan of Woo Yong Sul~ That’s so cute!

  5. JaeJoong bias YongSul, JunSu bias Park Ha…. none of the members bias Lee Gak, my poor prince TT

  6. cassie~ let’s vote for our best dancer U-know Yunho!!! :)

    • i had vote 20 times…

  7. ommo…..wanna bite that finger…. !!!!

  8. somehow jae’s pose reminds me of rose in titanic lol
    i guess it’s yunho who took the photo

    • yeah… if Yunho in korea 3-4th april
      if He’s not in Korea… so…who?
      Jiji maybe… LOL
      with his crawl he hold that camera..
      poor Jiji……

  9. Jae taking the picture at Junsu’s apartment. look at the couch and the floor.

  10. I read in my twitter fans spazz, whenever Yunho out of the country, Jae tweet selca, but if Yunho in Korea he disappears lol!~
    blame my yunjae-ness..Need to get rid of that~

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