Posted by: sharingyoochun | April 7, 2012

[Pic] 120406 TVXQ Rehearsal

credit: 2beTVXQ+Kimchidoyz
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  1. T____T hate SM >”< my prince was extremely tired

  2. Hi Hien Trang, I don’t know what made you blame SM for their tiredness, but I just want to point out some things.
    1) I’m sure they would prefer being tired than being jobless
    2) There are people out there who have to work harder, yet they only earn a fraction of TVXQ’s income and they don’t receive nearly the same amount of recognition and love from others as TVXQ does (look at construction workers, maids, etc)

    Don’t immediately start hating on the company that makes your ‘prince’ a prince in the first place (: (:

    Let’s just pray for their good health and happiness even in their tired state!

  3. Hien Trang, kaylee0908
    From one extreme to another XD

    But returning to the topic, is it raining during their rehearsal?

    • Yes it was raining and Yunho fell once coz the stage was slippery coz of the rain. He stranded up and said “I am OK” At least that is what Thai Cassie’s are saying…

      • yea he did fall during the rehearsals. the vid of him falling is on youtube.

      • Makes me admire TVXQ more and more!!

  4. Tone tour: Yunho: “I wanna continue this for the next 10 years, what do you think ChangMin?”

    No matter what, Yunho and Changmin love their stage, love their work, so let’s pray for their happiness :)

    As for “SME”, it is a sensitive topic and i smell fanwars…

  5. (=_=)

  6. Some people feed off of hard work like that too, you know – just something to consider :p I say it cause that’s what I’m like. I’d much rather be dead tired working hard for something I love to do than working a less satisfying job so that days off seem worthless and just plain lazy…

    That aside though, I just hope they continue to take good care of one another and be there for each other just like Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu still take care of one another ^^

    Yunho hwaiting!
    Jaejoong hwaiting!
    Yoochun hwaiting!
    Junsu hwaiting!
    Changmin hwaiting!


  7. cassie~ let’s vote for our best dancer U-know Yunho!!! :)

  8. i always notice (in my own POV) they look really good (the attire, hairstyle) during rehearsels…but once they go promoting something @ singing on stage @ doing fanmeeting, all those are gone…….makes me wonder if their coordi really has senses =,=””””

    • omg i totally agree. Yunho always looks sooo hot wearing his jumper and normal track pants. just casual and cool. i hate the weird outfits that blond coordi is making them wear.

      i really hope SM change her to someone else

  9. Changmin has a wide mouth
    that’s why he love foods so much
    He could eat a tons of foods
    but he’s body still slim…
    *super jealous*

  10. As long as I see smiles in their faces, it calms my worries. They are happy, it’s all that matters and the red ocean was amazing!!! So we’re doing great cassies, we feed those beautiful smiles. just keep the faith and keep cheering and swinging your lightstick HWAITING!!!

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