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[Trans] 120406 JYJ’s Twitter Update

@1215theXiahtic @6002theMicky: Your Highness… Congratulations on getting 1st place in the Eastern Time Slot …^^ As expected… kk

@1215theXiahtic @6002theMicky: Is it “Jeo-ha”..? (T/N: Junsu is confusing himself between “Jeon-ha” and “Jeo-ha” for “Your Highness”… XD)

@1215theXiahtic @6002theMicky: Your Highness… Where have you been??

@1215theXiahtic @6002theMicky: If you continue to be like this, please bear in mind that as Death… I can take you, Your Highness……..^^

@1215theXiahtic @6002theMicky: Crown Prince.. be in my arms and comfortably close your eyes..I will comfort you..You can sleep..all your filming will be finished..I will guide a better place..Crown….oh no!

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@6002theMicky: The script that’s dancing with the wind.. Seems like you’re having fun too huh..^^

@6002theMicky @beyondmonica: Ah~~ Coming here after seeing Yoohwan-i, you’re becoming tighter with the sweet ones~^^ -[in reply to]- The moon today is almost totally a super moon!!! I hope you get a lot of blessings under the bright moon, your Highness. Since we’re going to meet “guerilla” style there today, I am even more glad to see you. Haha be strong, aja aja ^_^

@6002theMicky @beyondmonica: Hock~ Didn’t you know, I have to take care of Assistant Yongsul’s sword -[in reply to]- After the two of you finish with your drama, instead of having one round of soju and beer, let’s go have Coconut Time, your Highness.

@6002theMicky @beyondmonica: Whoah, whoah! I’ve always told you not to call me ‘Your Highness’… tsk tsk tsk I’m not a double dragon~ -[in reply to]- Bang!!! kkkkkkkkkkkk Nowadays, really, Your Highness is… hurray!!! kkkkkkk

@6002theMicky @beyondmonica: Because this body, Double Dragon, has to go to film, let’s meet later. Once my drama finishes, my body will be exhausted, the Dragon will of course die~ -[in reply to]- I spit out my water.. kkkk double dragon kkkk this person, really… kkkk

@600theMicky: When I think about it, I heard there’s another Double Dragon in the gallery hahahaha (T/N: I think he’s talking about DC Gallery. :))

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  1. YooSu time <3

  2. How come yc doesn’t reply su’s tweets? T_T poor bb junsu

    • He did^^, but I dont see the translation yet
      @1215thexiahtic 토드씨…빈궁도 데리고 가시더니…ㅠㅠ토드나뻐


    • * fangirl squeal x 1000000*
      Wish to see yunjae this sweet as well TT_TT~~
      Why does your Highness not reply to our Death?? tsk tsk~
      poor su keke~ XD

  4. Jae just tweeted too ^^

    • Darn it, why can’t I read/understand Korean?

  5. OMG!!Yoosu time :-)………KYA!!!!!!!LOVE IT!hihihi

  6. who is @beyondmonica?

    • Jyj prain / P.R.

  7. why the hell Yoochun doesn’t reply my babe Junchan…….
    U r so cruel Yoochun…. Are u dare to ignore my babe?
    He is cheering u up…..
    Junchan, ignore him back…. lets talk with me instead.

    • maybe his filming and no time to chat or reply to uri susu…

      but he just tweeted to junsu a while ago.

  8. Who can resist baby su cuteness!

  9. i was just about to turn off laptop and go to bed.. suddenly saw they twit to each other and now i’m laughing my ass off.

  10. oh mama @ all the yoosuness here >/////< ….. bwth ?!!! why is chunchun ignoring susu like that after all susu's sweet talks XDDDDD ….. mr. duck butt will not let things move on like that , so u better watch out our prince chun ..LOL

  11. haha YooSu’s sweet talk time ♥
    and Jae joined in too ♥

  12. muahahhaahah ~~~~~ YooSu time kk~
    and hows JJ’s twit?? >-</~~

  13. Mmm, that’s some good Yoosu. Please let Junsu comfort you when your filming’s over, Chunnie!

  14. lol. yoochun is trolling and junsu is being a creeper.

  15. […] Exposition, “Made possible by JYJ’s popularity worldwide and fan power” ➤ JYJ on twitter ^^ [Trans] 120406 JYJ’s Twitter Update JJ was so fun and YooSu […]

  16. :D YooSu <3 REPLY TO JUN-CHAN, Yoochun!

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