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[Trans] 120405 Rookie Group NU’EST Mentions TVXQ In An Interview

(T/N: The title of the original article was “NU’EST, Says Confidently, ‘We want to become a global group.”)


NU’EST is a new group which made their debut under the same management agency as Son Dambi and After School.

Q: Aside from the artists under your management agency, your favourite singers are?
JP: The singers which all the members like are TVXQ and Big Bang. Personally, I like Eminem. He stated off with no recognition from anyone, but he became a top singer through his own hard work, and has become someone which anyone, regardless of their skin colour, acknowledges.

Baek Ho: Hmm… I like the powerful stages by seniors TVXQ, they are full of energy. We should hope to showcase such powerful images.

(irrelevant portions omitted)

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Korea Economic via Nate]
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  1. Fanboys)))))

  2. I love Nuest and TVXQ!

  3. Well I like TVXQ Big Bang AND Eminem so you get a new fan

  4. I recently caught up with Face MV on YouTube when a friend sent me the link. Their singing and dancing are strong and I loved the edgy scenes set in a school. Great stuff, hope they do go global.

  5. lol the two new rookie groups Nuest and EXO are TVXQ fanboys…LOL yunho must be so proud

  6. Well, I saw Baekho’s profile and it said his role model is TVXQ when others’ were MJ, Eminem, etc… What a coincidence, ever since I saw Face MV, he’s been my favorite. ^^

  7. Not “JP” . He is JR

  8. wow this is why I love Nu’est and my fav is Baek Ho ahhaha

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