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[Pic] 120406 TVXQ – MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok Press Conference (In Door)

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  1. …what in the world in that pink monstrosity Yunho is wearing?!?! He looked so good at the airport….

  2. Who in the world asked them to wear bright pink and blue?????…. o.O
    I am not saying that they don’t look good here….they looks great in every outfit…but…asking 27-year-old to wear pink..his stylist must be something….But both look cool anyway…..^^
    Changmin looked bored in every pics too…..Keke…^^

    • those are the Tone colors…

  3. LOL…. the colors are the brightest among all singers…. hellokitty series…. my cutie boys…. next time pls change the stylist @@

  4. Love TVXQ=) Fighting babies~

  5. omo I literally laughed my a** out ….. WTF boys ??? I mean what is it with the from-head-to-toes pink and blue suites … ppl look at the 8th pic … mostly every body were dressed in black except 4 our boys LOL …. and I was the one who thought that yunnie finally started to wear (acceptable) clothes , they looked damn fine in the airport ,so what happened ??? nonetheless they look *wow fantastic baby* as always XDDD

    ps : my younger bro passed by while I was chicking the photos and said “”wow yunho .. pink …. srsly… this is gayer than a lollipop , at least minmin is wearing bright blue , such a manly color “” no worries everybody I’ve already kicked his butt , so yeah …….

    • yunho looks gay in 1st picture

  6. i see yoseob sit next to changmin.. ^_^

  7. Ohmy.. They sure become centre of attraction with that colourful clothes. I read in my tweeter, they said about songkran day. I don’t know if it’s true. The boys sure know how to give the best fanservice to Thai Cassies :)
    I’m just quite amazed with their decision to wear that striking colourful clothes! Like a boss!
    In love with them even more :)

  8. LOL.

    They still manage to look good though ^^ I cannot imagine (and don’t want to, tbh) how I’d look with those colours on me D:

  9. … Just who on Earth thought those colours would be a good idea?


  10. all I can see is yunho and fany in pink outfits lol -_-v

  11. Surely they want to be the center of attention 6ft tall men in bright colors…lol.

  12. Well at least the girl next to Yunho matches him. :)

  13. YUNFANY in matching outfits LOL!

    first he helps her out like a gentleman during the sidney concert and now they are wearing matching outfits LOL

    • who is the girl net yunho?

      • Tiffany of SNSD.

      • *next to :))

  14. thank God…
    There’re 4 girls wearing pink..
    at least.. Yunho not alone wear that colour
    did he want to competitive with those girls????
    sometimes He look so damn hot masculine
    sometimes he looks preety

    • hes not the one who decides on what he can wear at such official events. these kinds of things are always done by the stylist.

      we all know that yunho’s real style is more hiphop with the whole jumper and loose track pants as we have seen in backstage rehersal pics and stalker pics of him out with his friends..

      i have to say im starting to get irritated with their new stylist. they have had the worst outfits since their comeback last year.

      i wish SM would give them back their 2008 stylist. that person knew how to make the boys look fashionable and HOT

      • Gosh! I soooo agree with what you say about the 2008 stylist. Most outfits since their comeback leaves much to be desired. Sorry stylist, but it’s my honest opinion.

  15. In Thailand these colors mean a lot
    Thai cassies are so proud of that have used

    • Oh really? I really don’t know. What’s the meaning of pink and bright blue in Thailand?

      These are the Tone colours! So I don’t have complaints about them. :)

  16. in the fifth picture, their shoes; kiss <3 Hehehe

  17. Haha SNSD and DBSK already stands out as kings and queens of the kpop wave with their bright outfits xD
    i wonder how Minnie feels in his bright blue outfit..haha but they still look cute xD

  18. Woww is that really tiffany?
    Must be the lighting, couldn’t recognize her at all.
    Their outifts remind me of running man keke.

  19. Lolol, everyone is freaking out over their clothing colors. Those colors are the TONE colors guys.

  20. hahah i don’t know why everyone freaking out about the colors. it’s okay for me since those colors means a lot for Thailand. that was a symbol of monarchy of the kings.. it’s not that i’m not surprised at first.but after knowing the meaning of those color. i was so proud to our boys… they are so polite

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