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[News] 120405 JYJ to hold the ’2012 JYJ Membership Week’ in June

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Group JYJ will hold a huge fan exhibition in June for the first time in Korea.

On April 5, the group’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, said JYJ will hold the ’2012 JYJ Membership Week’ starting on June 28 for 4 days in Seoul.

Since JYJ toured the world, there are many fans from all over the world. The event was conducted by the agency for those fans.

The agency is currently having a membership system for Korean fans. They are going to expand the service for Japanese fans and they will hold a fan meeting in June and invite 15,000 Korean and Japanese people randomly.

For the Japanese fans who will attend the event, the agency will provide cheap plane ticket and accommodation as a special package. Korean and Japanese fans who have a membership can attend the event for free.

Since the event is a huge fan exhibition which will be held in Korea for the first time, various events are planned to be held. The event will introduce JYJ’s activities, hold photo exhibition, and create a food zone with JYJ’s recommendation.

Baek Chang Joo, president of the agency, says, “The event will be Korea’s first big fan exhibition where the members can see, hear, and feel about everything of JYJ.”

JYJ members are keeping busy individually appearing on TV dramas and musicals.

source: Starnews
credit: en.korea


  1. huwaaaa!! wanna go there! T_T

  2. finaly they have their own fan club… but no name yet?

    • i really hope they do get a fanclub name. srry if this offends anyone but its really awkward for JYJ fans to be called cassies when its the name that the company they are currently fighting against created and promotes

      • JYJ fans are called JYJ Fans
        only OT5 fans called themselves Cassies but some of them called themselves JYJ Fans when they are with the JYJ Fandom,
        and those old Cassies who chose to support JYJ only called themselves Ex-Cassies and are now JYJ Fans.
        So in general, JYJ Fans never called themselves Cassies, it’s only that some JYJ Fans are Cassies and I think everybody is free to have multiple fandoms, one can be a JYJ Fan, a Cassie, a VIP or whatever at the same time.

      • @ don

        yes but SM made it the official name and is the company promoting it as such. when the fanclub first opened it was SM’s staffs that organized it and promoted it to the public. even today SM’s staff are still looking after it along with the fan mods..

        i just think a lot of JYJ fans especially the new ones don’t want to have fanclub associated with SM or even Yunho and Changmin. even if it was changmin who came up with it, hes still seen as on the side of SM, and thus many JYJ fans wouldnt want to be associated with a name that changmin came up with and SM promotes.

        if the fanclub name is JYJ’s fans then thats fine too :) at least it wont upset anyone any more

      • changmin came up with the fan name not sm

        and jyj say they still consider cassie as their fans after
        someone asked what their new fancdom would be

      • JYJ fans called JYJ fans not cassie!!

  3. Someday…..

  4. Well, I’m a Cassie no matter what that fanclub is a fan of. Because I love DB5K

  5. If they say themselves JYJ from 東方神起 then as a Cass I am part of their fan-club ;P

    • THIS! Love this! Made me grin like an idiot XD If you love JYJ, JYJ are from 東方神起, and 東方神起’s fans are called Cassiopeians. So in essence, would that not make every JYJ fan a Cassie? And whats so wrong in being a Cassie? Love who you want to love, but just remember: These men, all 5 of them, once were very close together. I don’t know how it is now, but please don’t hate on any of them. Once, not so long ago, they were very precious to each other. They still are, I believe, deep down, they still care for each other. So don’t hate on any of them, you’ll just end up hurting the ones you DO love/like.

      • LOL what kind of logic is that. That’s like saying you can’t love Justin Timberlake without loving the rest of NSYNC too. Yes you can be a JYJ fan but not a TVXQ fan. “What’s so wrong in being a Cassie?” Well, what’s so wrong about being a JYJ fan? Their albums say “JYJ” now, right? So shouldn’t fans who buy JYJ’s albums be JYJ fans? Don’t you want people supporting Jaejoong and Yoochun and Junsu? What is so wrong and selfish about supporting what they are doing right now? The fact is, they are JYJ right now. Their albums say it, their mvs say it, their websites say it, THEY say it every time they introduce themselves. They are JYJ. And yes, ONE member has sth written about “JYJ are from TVXQ”, but so what? It’s just saying they are JYJ, and yes, they were from TVXQ. But that in no way = “We are TVXQ, not JYJ.” Btw, I think there is a big misconception here. Most JYJ-only fans do not in fact “hate” HoMin, they are simply indifferent to them. And also, if you really wanted an answer to “What’s so wrong in being a Cassie,” I can tell you that most JYJ fans have a problem with it because it seems like you only support the three members if they are in TVXQ, and don’t really care about all the hard work they are doing now as JYJ, and everything they’ve accomplished so far working as JYJ. They are trying so hard to make a name for themselves, but no one will let them in the media as JYJ. But they are still not giving up. This is why JYJ fans support them as JYJ so much. If the fans don’t, who will? I’m not saying its true that OT5s don’t care about the members, but you have to admit that they have come so far as JYJ, and to JYJ fans, it’s a shame to think that some people refuse to recognize this.

      • “If you love JYJ, JYJ are from 東方神起, and 東方神起’s fans are called Cassiopeians. So in essence, would that not make every JYJ fan a Cassie?”
        Absolutely NOT !
        If you love JYJ, you love as who they are, not only who they were. Yes, Jae wrote that JYJ is from TVXQ, that’s a fact, a given, a part of their history, a reference of their past , just anybody’s resume- and employment history, but that was their past. What’s most important is their present, with blood, sweat and tears they are building the name JYJ which the two most influential companies is trying hard to destroy. So is it just right for their fans to love and fight for their present and future and that is being JYJ? respect them as JYJ not just because they are from TVXQ, and as JYJ they deserve much love from all JYJ Fans? Yes, A Cassie can be a JYJ Fan but not all JYJ Fans are Cassies.

  6. JYJ from 東方神起, yes JJ, i love you!! If one day you remove 東方神起 from your twitter, it won’t change the reality, JYJ are from TVXQ, forever.

    A lot of people say, now “Cassiopeian” is the fanclub that only support TVXQ2/SME now, although it previously belongs to 5, is it true ???????? If this is true, let me call myself OT5 instead of cassie.

    • I am OT5, I respect JYJ as JYJ, and HoMin as TVXQ, why not? Let’s move on!

  7. I am both a JYJ, a TVQX2 and DBSK5 fan.

    Liking all 5, liking just the 2TVQX and JYJ should not be exclusive.

    It does not mean that because I like JYJ, I am not allowed to like 2TVQX. It is not mutually exclusive.

    We all loved DBSK and should not fight about smallest thing.

    Let us just support all of them.

  8. When the other stars change their orientation, Cassiopeia will still be in the same place. When people do not understand you, do not forgive, or even leave you, as long as we remain at the same place, you all will not get lost…

    I don’t wanna be someone who walks away so easily. I’m here to stay and make the difference that I can make.

    “Personally, I think that we could still straighten out all the misunderstandings.” – Jaejoong

    “I’m not the crying type but I do understand that feeling. Wanting to meet that person, missing so much that I felt like crying. I have such experience.” – Yunho [n TV Guide Magazine]

  9. some comment here just like in fanfic.

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