Posted by: sharingyoochun | March 29, 2012

[Trans] 120328 Kim Junsu, Blonde Hair “Really Looks Like A Foreigner~”


Kim Junsu has been selected as the person with the look most similar to a foreigner.

Recently, a post was uploaded onto some website, with the topic “JYJ’s Kim Junsu transforms with gold hair, foreigner pose group” and uploaded a few images together with this post.

In the uploaded images, Kim Junsu from group JYJ had bleached his hair and eyebrows a platinum blonde, exhibiting a different, exotic, foreign look. His eyes makeup also helped to highlight the deep look in his eyes.

Looking at Kim Junsu’s new image, netizens said, “Why did he choose this look?” “You still look very cool, Junsu oppa” “His hair color is getting lighter” and other reactions.

Source: [BaiduTVXQ + Money Today via Nate]
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  1. These supposed “Netiziens” who keep asking WHY he dyed his hair are really uninformed or they are just not following what he is doing. For almost 3 months now he has had his hair this color and it’s for the part he is playing in as DEATH in the Musical Elizabeth, but the media still prints this foolishness saying he is trying to make some sort of fashion statement.. Why can’t they just report all the facts instead of half stories. Really most annoying.

    • I agree. There is hardly a news report that doesn’t make me upset. They don’t bother to research the facts and often don’t even use the photo that goes with the news.

      I always tell myself that almost any news is better than no news and try to appreciate that they talk about JYJ, no matter how silly or incorrect. At least it isn’t openly malicious.

      • @Lisa…
        Same here.But I disagree I feel NO NEWS is BETTER, than just ANY NEWS because if they won’t report the story in full with all the facts then their intent is to mis-lead and the result is that the gossip and rumor mill roll into full force. Once a half truth is out there one can’t take it back. This story is minor, but it is symptomatic of how the media continues to fail to research the facts and due diligence before posting the story. I mean really how difficult would it have been to get this simple story correct by just adding Kim Junsu dyed his hair to play death in the musical Elizabeth, showing his dedication to his art. Instead we get ” Why did he do this?, Why did he choose this look? There’s a subtle insinuation that fans are so confused by his actions…. REALLY! PLEASE…..

  2. Here is the explantion for those who still don’t know why Junsu dies his hair Blonde….Kim Junsu is currently playing the role of ‘The Death’ (Tod), a fantasy character in the musical ‘Elisabeth’, with Song Changeui and Ryu Junghan.

    “At the beginning, since ‘The Death’ is an imaginary figure, he was expected to have long blond hair. In the first show, Song Changeui also wore a long bond wig. However, due to the audience’s response, from the second show, the long wig was replaced with short hairstyle. For that reason, Kim Junsu immediately had his hair dyed, then later revealed his grief via his twitter.”

  3. Here I thought he has the most Asian looking appearance, guess it wasn’t the case, kkkkk.

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