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[Pic] 120325 Stalking JaeJoong

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  1. that’s jae? he looks like junsu… O_o?

    • even the clothes and the white sneakers! am i seeing double?

      • haha..i knew it was him..i saw the pic earlier..i just wanted to say that they looked similar..even his clothes looks like junsu’s..^^…haha..sorry for the confusion btw.. :)

      • we can recognize him by his angel face.. XDXD

      • jj dye his hair blonde. i saw a pic of blonde jj the other day… so i think it can be him.

      • its not junsu. he wore different outfit that day

  2. You can’t even tell if it’s really him O_o

  3. omg new pic. HE REALLY IS BLONDE. fallen leaves lyrics, ‘dashi sijak’.. start anew jaejoong ^^ he looks handsome as always =) any hair color suits him ^_^

  4. wow!! he looks so dazzling!!! o_O
    i think he wanna took over of Junsu’s famous blonde stylist..

  5. That’s remind me of O-Jun.Ban.Hap era without the spike hair. But still I missed his blonde hair though. haha



  7. Isn’t he going to film with the historical costume show, wouldn’t he need to dye his hair back to black/brown?

  8. i miss his black hair T____T

  9. B.A.P new member! 0_o

    • B.A.P, what is it? o__O

      • B.A.P is a rookie group with blonde-haired members..each one of them.. 0________o

      • Oh~ NOOOOOOO~

    • That was my thought too Nobita (BAP) . Though I do not like or agree to these kind of photos being shopped around the net of JYJ or DBSK. Can´t people leave him alone and respect their privacy or lives when they are not standing on stage performing for an audience?!

  10. why no one spazzing about jae new look? fans dont seem to love him anymore?

    • thats what we doing right now honey~~~

    • I disagree with you, when the first ‘Jae blond’ photo (that wasn’t supposed to be posted) came out. There were a looooooot of reaction from fans.

  11. I like his o jung ban hap blonde hair also

  12. Thats too much. Wae :(

  13. Why? Simply why?

  14. I love him blonde <3

  15. His hair looks yellow not blonde

    • Maybe he’s going to dye again? =)

  16. nooooooooo TT-TT

  17. Because this is my loved Jae, i love him with whatever hairstyle, salanghae my prince, you look fine, be healthy and fighting for the new drama!!

  18. I think he looks really gorgeous with blonde hair~~~
    probably because the camera angle or the picture is not clear which causes his hair not really suit with him in these pic^^

  19. Actually i have seen a better pic than this…He really look demn georgeous I tell you..but for his privacy I think is better if we wait he post it not want to spread it yet..I got it yesterday from my Tline..

    • Oh yes!I saw it too…at first I thought that was a PSed..
      TL was very chaos that time,,just wait till he post it.Cz some said that someone hacked on JJ’s kakao till he/she got that pic n spread it..

    • now you mentioned it, i really want to see it T___T
      can’t wait…

      • someone post it in twitter..the pic is jae pose infront of mirror in his house I guesss..I dunno how people get the pic..because I think the pic is not right and very private..I dont save it..just keep it in my memory hehe..sory honey…just wait for jae new selca eh~~

      • Yes let’s wait until he post the new photo on his twitter!! =)

      • @syer I saw that pic, too. So I thought he uploaded it on his twitter, but he didn’t. Then that means it’s work of sasaengs’?
        Why can’t they just leave him ALONE at least for now?

      • @Yunomuna
        It looks like it =(

        Why can’t they just leave him ALONE at least for now?
        I look at it as illness, it’s hard to get rid of it in one day.

  20. oh my god sun. Blonde hair. It’s look very bright.
    Come back stronger my Jeajoong!
    We will always support you!

  21. Omo~ is that blond or yellow?
    He looks gorgeous with every hair color :33
    But he looks thinner with that color T^T
    this is the new Jaejoong~ maybe he’ll start over again~ hwaiting!!

    • I wouls say it’s yellow =)

    • It looks yellow in this pic, but in another pic (<– I think it's the private that's leaked. T T) it looked like Junsu's. So I don't know for sure, guess we'll know soon.

      • Junsu’s color looks much much lighter then Jaejoong’s
        Sometimes it looks like white.

  22. I think it`s not appropriate to post this kind of “stalking” pictures. You are fans of the boys, so you have to know about the whole sasaeng issue. And I think JJ dislike to be photographed like that. It should be enough for us, their fans, to see pics from public events. Even if JYJ and DBSK are stars, they have the right to a private life. Really, you should reflect about this kind of posts, otherwise this site will lose followers.
    Thank you.

    • I totally agree with Frida and kindly urge you to re-think the image you want to uphold and maintain of this website. Right now I´m very concerned.

  23. kyaaaaaaa i looooooooove blonde jaejoong ^^

  24. I think stalker pics should not be spread by JYJ supporter sites. This is a kinda indirect way of encouraging stalkers. Please discuss about this, dear SYC.

    • ı’m saying this because recently they turn the life hell to our boys and I’m sure they are determined to continue. Stalkers have a different way of thinking which does not make sense usually. That’s why I think it should be this way. At least , we should protect our boys even though what we can do is a small thing to do. Thank you.

      • I agree with you all. It is a matter of personal rights. While everyone has a right to use a camera that they purchase with their own money–there has to be discretion as to who they aim it at and in what way. Then there is the right of JYJ et al to have some privacy as they go about their everyday lives.

        When we as admins post stalker photos we are allowing a forum for the stalkers to continue to do their thing. The sasaengs have benefited from all the publicity negative or positive–and since it has alerted us to this incidious problem that is hurting our Guys directly I feel that it is our responsibility to eliminate the opportunities for the stalkers to put their pictures out there.

        I realize that all of us are interested in seeing Jaejoong because he has withdrawn for a season and we miss him, but why can’t we let him have that season? I would rather not see pictures at all than to exacerbate his already sensitive situation by continuing to post staker photos and expose him at every opportunity.

        Loving someone is wanting what is best for them. At this time, privacy and peace is what is best for Jaejoong.

  25. Correction paragraph three: stalker

  26. His blond hair is really light but on those low quality pictures it looks yellowish so chill ppl xDDD Cassie sow him already and said his hair is really bright xDDD



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