Posted by: sharingyoochun | March 24, 2012

[Trans] 120323 Jaejoong Tweets

I’m almost ready to go back.

I always thought I am the strongest. However to collapse so easily like this, I felt embarrassed about myself too. Very sorry to all who are supporting me. Reflecting through this period of time, I thought a lot. Though pain is a part of process in youth, it would probably be better to have gone through more painful times then.

credit: rockjj
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun


  1. Welcome back, my Hero!!

  2. FINALLY HE TWEETED :’-) *Tears of joy*

  3. Glad you are ok now JJ

    Max get a twitter

    • What?? really? My Changmin has a twitter??
      what’s his address?

    • Is it true ? kindly publish the address, please…..

  4. Glad that our JJ tweeted something! ^^
    be strong babe~
    We will always beside u forever.. <3

  5. welcome back dear JJ <3 <3 <3

  6. Finally JJ is coming back, after almost a week’s silence T T….. JJ be healthy and your drama will start camera soon, so keep fighting!!! Salanhae !!

  7. its good to know that JYJ are coming through their will take times to overcome those painful, hurtful memories but know that they are strong and they can overcome it and with that they have many wonderful friends and families their next, right, left, front, and behind to help them at any time, days, second, minute, and hours..they are doing an fabulous job already, they just have to believe in themselves and not blaming or hurting order to fully be strong is to have to accept all your flawless, ugly sides and to love yourself to the fullest, but with the help and the support they are getting happy and proud of them..

  8. jejung dont think too much..
    you and jyj members would win someday…just be happy yourself then fans also smile.i’ m waiting oppa and seung heon acting together..don’t cut your hair ok..:-)

  9. you know…news of k-pop starts collapsing is common. given how much our 5 boys have worked for the past 8 years or is a miracle this is the first time we’ve heard news of somebody collapsing. not that it should have happened at all though.. our boys have been strong. i hope this never happens again. Jaejoong..take the time you need to recover!

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