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[Trans] 120314 JYJ’s Yoochun’s Father Passes Away…Younger Brother Yoohwan Postpones Drama Filming

The father of JYJ’s Yoochun and talent Park Yoohwan has passed on.

During a telephone interview today, relevant personnel from (Yoochun’s and Yoohwan’s) management agency confirmed that, “Yoochun’s father has passed on.” Presently (T/N: at the time the article was published), Yoochun is on his way back to Korea from Peru, after finishing the JYJ concerts in South America,and is expected to arrive at Incheon International airport on the afternoon of 14 March. Therefore, it is unclear whether or not he has been informed of his father’s passing.

Representatives also stated that (Yoochun’s) younger brother, Park Yoohwan’s filming schedule for the Channel A drama “Strongest K-pop Survival” has been postponed. Relevant personnel clarified that, “The filming schedule has been adjusted for the other actors and actresses to film first.”

Source: [K Star News]
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  1. […] ➤ Father of JYJ’s Yoochun and Park Yoohwan passes away T^T Park family must cry lot now…. makes me feel like crying too! I mean: Minnies grandma, now Yoochun`s FATHER! OMO! I knew he was really, really sick. But this came so sudden. Never thought he would die just like that. U know what I mean. *sighs* My sincere condlences to the Park Family! Now it`s time to cry. May Mr. Park rest in peace! ➤ JYJ members, Song Ji Hyo, and more pay their respects to Park Yoochun’s father ➤ [Trans] 120314 JYJ’s Yoochun’s Father Passes Away…Younger Brother Yoohwan Postpones Drama Fil… […]

  2. everyone knows and stand by you Yuchun RIP your father

  3. to be strong yuchun! fighting!

  4. i am so sorry about that……take care yoochun & take care of your fmily…

  5. What about changmin? His grandmother passed away 2 days ago and nobody is doing anything for him. He had to do a concert the day after the funeral too…

    • This is why the fandom is so messed up. what about? … what about?
      Instead of just trying to create drama, just offer condolences.
      If the death of Changmins grandmother was significant to you then you should have taken up a donation or done something to let him know. But it is pointless now to try to make it into some kind of issue and insinuating that his situation was ignored. If you really wanted to do something for him then gather your fellow fans and send a wreath.
      But stop trying to make this into a competition. You offered no condolence to either one, its obvious you just want to create drama. This post is about the death of Yuochuns Father, please respect THAT.

    • Please stop. This is not a matter that should be talked about in this way. I can accept some pretty immature things from fans but a person’s death should never be used for childish competition. Please be respectful to both Changmin’s grandmother and Yoochun’s father.

  6. […] For ENG version CLICK! […]

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