Posted by: sharingyoochun | March 15, 2012

[Trans] 120314 Bigeast Staff Report : Osaka-Jou Hall Day 2

Today was the Osaka-jou Hall concert! Being in the Kansai region, there was Okonomiyaki catered at the concert venue!

The aroma of Okonomiyaki could be smelt a-ll around the concert venue, and we were able to enjoy the atmosphere of coming to Kansai! Yunho and Changmin also ate the hot Okonomiyaki deliciously!

Also, today, 14 March, is release day of the new single「STILL / One More Thing」!
Just as the 2 members said during the MC segment, “Today is White Day when ‘Still’ is released!” , it is a CD filled with the feelings of gratitude from the 2 members to everyone who is always supporting them!
For those who have not gotten the CD, please do check it out for sure ♪

Source: [Bigeast Official Site]
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  1. ah~
    maybe umin and Yunne text to Junsu
    “Junsu~yah… we ate okonomiyaki”
    Junsu really love that food…

    • What are you talking about ? Think it is the right time ?? JS is attending the funeral of YC’s father….

      • If Changmin can’t get to the funeral, how is Yuhno going to get there??

      • yea, and yunho is probably attending Changminnies Grandmother’s funeral

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