Posted by: sharingyoochun | March 15, 2012

[Announcement] Calling for Donations

By now, many of you readers would have read and heard about the tragic death of Yoochun’s beloved father.
On behalf of all the admins and readers, we would like to send our condolences to Park Yoochun and his family members.
May you have faith and have the strength to move forward.

As such, we would also like to send a condolence wreath on the 16th.
For those of you who would like to contribute to the wreath, please follow the following:
Sadly, we would only accept donation to one account, for easy and fast tracking.

1. Transfer money to POSB (Saving): 112-40150-4 or paypal account :
  * do take note that the email is not our general email*

2. Once transferred, email us at with the amount transfered, transaction number and your account number.

3. The title of the email should read “Money Transfer for Yoochun”

4. We will email you back by the next day once money has been received.

5. We will stop accepting money by the 15th of March, 11.59pm.

Sharingyoochun will be sending the wreath first on behalf of everyone here.
Once the money is compiled and if there is excess of money, we will be returning the remaining amount back to you (thus, the need of your account number).

God bless,
Sharingyoochun team

ps. for Thai fans: here


  1. I want to do that, but I really don’t know how to use paypal at ALL. (and I do hace an account!) If someone could give step by step instructions, It’d be awesome <3

  2. sorry to doubt SYC Team again.

    could you provide name of this account?

    I will transfer with your account cuz I don’t know for paypal process.

    Thanks for your helping.

  3. This is very sweet, but is anything being done for Changmin? I am not trying to start anything, I just asking. Both need our support now.

    • Unfortenately, the time to send a wreath to Changmin is now past. Yoochun is the one handling a funeral now. :)

    • I’m deeply sorry for Changmin’s loss too but u do know that there’s a difference between a parent and a grandparent right??

      • Sorry but somehow, I think losing grandparents hurts as much as losing parents.But of course it depends on the person.Love can’t be measured.

      • I am quite aware if that since I have lost all of my grandparents and my father. I was still filled with hurt either way. Thank you.

    • i agree. There’s no difference between the loss of Grandparents or parents. Both still hurt, so much.
      And I’m sorry SYC girls, I can’t make donation bcoz i don’t have paypal account and i don’t know how to use paypal account also :( Hope there will be a local account for Indonesian Cassies. For now, i’m just going to pray the best for YC and CM. Love them both so much :)

  4. Mình là Cass ở VietNam, bạn có thể cho mình biết địa chỉ nơi tang lễ của bố chun ?VIetNamsese muốn gởi vòng hoa đến gia đình Chun

  5. Cass I was in VietNam, you can let her know the address where chun father’s funeral? VIetNamsese want to send a wreath to the Chun family

  6. Sorry admin I’ve done it in JYJ3 site, as long as we can do it for YC family… R.I.P Mr. Park. YC & YH be strong.

  7. Thanks SYC !!!

    RIP … Hope our YC oppa rest in peace T T

    • *our YC appa


  8. I pray it went well. Yoochun’s father, please RIP. My condolences for the family.

  9. Please vote for JYJ :
    I really want to see JYJ perform at London Olympics Opening Ceremonies

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