Posted by: sharingyoochun | March 7, 2012

[Vid] 120306 JYJ At Incheon Airport

credit: yjblackhole


  1. Go to Youtube and copy/paste the followings ( there are three parts )

    JYJ ジェジュンのファン暴行音声1(日本語)

    JYJ ジェジュンのファン暴行音声2(日本語)

    JYJ ジェジュンのファン暴行音声3(日本語)

    Those who understands Korean, it will be very upsetting.
    Those who understands Japanese, someone translated JJ’s voice into Japanese so
    you also can tell how terrible this audio is.
    No matter what, man should not hit woman, period.

    ” You should use Taxi money to buy CD instead, our record could have ranked higher in Oricon Chart” …..

    He is miserable…

    I am dissappointed in him and I am sooooo glad that he is not a part of TVXQ who are adored by fans in Japan.

    • @panpac

      dude,what are you rambling about?
      no one should hit anyone, but on the other side, NO ONE has the right to intrude someone’s privacy
      there’s always two side of the story, let’s try to understand JYJ/idol sides as well.


      let’s not state any hating-this-person-and-that-person, shall we? it’s not very nice

      and,i’m just stating my opinion, no bad intention whatsoever

    • you should see this article first before you say something like that!!!

  2. take note of this too

  3. wow.. spreading the ‘bad mouth of jj’ in sharing yc. not a good move. but thanks for show your love to thsk and hating jyj. peace!

  4. @panpac

    Hey didn’t you just get banned from jyj3 for spreading your hate.

  5. @Panpac does not represent the feelings of TVXQ fans. We feel that it is an unfortunate incident and hope that everyone can heal from this situation both the fans and JYJ.

  6. Reblogged this on my mjjeje and commented:
    you’re my everything for me
    i love you…baby

  7. i don’t speak Korean and i ain’t either Korean or Japanese… what they had said/done is pretty awful for them.. i wish to take the side of “so called fans” but i can’t: to hunt the idols like they were some animals… expect form them to smile, be kind… it’s a nightmare…

    in this moment it’s another attempt (how many were by now?…) to bring them down… and because this one is about fans, it could be an effective one….as far i understand those records aren’t recent ones… my question why it is used now???? and something it’s missing, i can’t explain just a feeling that it’s more (even this “if i can do this to them, think what i can do to you”)… there’s more than i can see it…

    i feel bad if the Korean fans turn their back to the boys… i wish to tell you to be strong, show your support for the boys… be one more time by their side… but it’s a choice what you believe, trust, support …

    all i can say i’ll continue to support Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu…(Yunho, Changmin)

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