Posted by: sharingyoochun | February 29, 2012

[Pic] 120229 Stalking Junsu

I add Junho pix too cuz I love him XDD

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  1. junsu-shi look so dried and tired!

  2. Seriously…looking at this pics…it makes me worry about his health…he is sooo can see it especially around his face….i thought the bump around his cheek was a bruise or something..than i notice that the bump is at both his cheeks..huhu..IT’S HIS CHEEKBONE!!!!right????…..omo….i want my chubby cheeks junsu back!huhuhu…Junsu please take care of your health..

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  4. Eat more Junsu please! You’re too skinny!

    • :-( :-( :-( :-(

  5. OMG… Junsu please stop diet, you look so thin.

  6. Junsu please eat more..poor nutrition effects your whole body and I can see the lack of eating is now effecting your skin..:(

  7. omg seriously Junsu! Eat!

  8. he does not look that thin in videos, of course he is much thinner before. I think this is because he is not photogenic, one of the pics his skin looks quite good,in the other one it is not :S

  9. thanks for the juno pics! XD I love him tooo!!
    i agree with atod about junsu..

  10. are they having a family outing? so rare having Junsu n Junho in a set of pics. Junho looks good, but Junsu seems really tired…Junho, feed your brother more so he become like you, healthy and great <3

  11. i don’t like junsu right now. he sooooo thin&tapering,no cute anymore..give me back my “CUTE JUNJU”!!!!

  12. junsu…
    get your fat back…

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