Posted by: sharingyoochun | February 28, 2012

[Pic] 120228 Jung DongHwa Twitter Update

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“Yunho and I communicates well in fashion sense. This is really not joking kekeke”

credit: honey_Hwa
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun


  1. Ajdhhjkklds.. So cute..

  2. Yunho and glasses.. I can’t even.. >/////<

  3. What the? Kkk, this reminds me of all those couple who were wearing couple clothes on Valentine’s Day. (And I I thought only YJ wears same clothes, *sobs in corner* kkkk)

  4. Why this man, who takes couple clothes with Yunho must resembles Jisung?

    Just wonder why… *coughs*

    • yeah!! i thought he looked like jisung/donghae lol

  5. the same ‘jung’ the same fashion taste! hmmph, but sorry to say that ‘jung yoonho’ is more adorable for me \m/

  6. ah.. meeting reunion for 85 club?


    • Yunho born in 86
      and who is that hot guy?

      • In Korea if person is born in January-February he is considered a year older. So YunHo was born on February 1986 but is refered as 1985, that’s why he is in the 85 club (JaeJoong is the same)

      • This guy, he’s one of his co-star in musical “Goong” . They were in Goong reunion with the other 2 actors (not shown here)

  7. *gasp* YunHo-DongHwa IS REAL!!!

  8. Yunho in glasses – adorable leader! xD

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