Posted by: sharingyoochun | February 26, 2012

[Vid] 120225 JaeSu At ‘The Day’ Screening

Jaesu doing Gag concert dance

Jaesu singing Happy Birthday to a fan.
JS: Is it really your birthday?
Fan: No…
JS: Ahhhh we’ve been tricked!
JJ: Song cancelled~

credit: freesiaioi+lyjun23+SuperficialOo2+dodonuna+TheSsssoooooo+DCbagel+
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  1. wow.. lot of videos, Thank you , I hear tickets already sold out..congrat JYJ ^__^

  2. jun chans comment at the lest vid is the best!
    “JS: Ahhhh we’ve been tricked!”
    jun-chan! i love you! <3

  3. Love my opinion and view, junsu is smaller compare to jaejoong and yoochun..the other 2 is broader and toner, junsu is too, but I just think he is much slender than the other 2..jaejoong has a small waist, but he has a broad shoulders and tone muscle to make him look manly..yoochun has broad shoulders and his waist isn’t small or big, but a perfect size that makes him look good in anything and manly..junsu has a small shoulders with small waist (getting there) and because he dyed his hair due to his musical play, to me it makes him looks pretty boy and also manly…but anyways, overall they all look fabulous and amazing no matter what..

  4. I lovd when they are together.

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