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[News] 120222 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong faces off against Song Seung Hun

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JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong will face off against actor Song Seung Hun in the new TV series Dr. Jin.

Kim will play the role of a military officer of Joseon Dynasty named Kim Gyung Tak in the series, which will air in the first half of 2012.

The character that Kim will play is the highest-ranking military officer from a renowned military official family, generation after generation. He is a self-respecting person with a highly competitive spirit, but he is very devoted to one woman, who he has loved since he was a little boy.

He will face off against Song, who will play the role of a doctor named Jin Hyuk from the 21st century.

Kim previously appeared on SBS’s series Protect the Boss and received many favorable reviews. He will appear in the historical series for the first time and show off his dignified charismatic part with well-honed martial arts.

The series is very unique medical drama about a doctor, who is from modern-day Korea but goes back to the Joseon Dynasty in the 1860s.

The series is based on a popular Japanese cartoon, which created a huge sensation when it was turned into a Japanese series in 2009.

The production company, Lee Kim Production, for the series says, “Kim, who successfully appeared on Protect the Boss, will show a different side of him through the series. Please keep your eyes on Kim’s change in the series and support him.”

source: JTN
credit: en.korea


  1. Modern-day to back-to-the-past.. Opp to chunnie’s drama… He he

  2. Kindda similar plot to yoochun drama keke

  3. This is one drama i am so looking forward to. . . JJ will look so good for the role

  4. Is the Japanese series it was adapted from, “Jin”? About the modern day doctor going back to Japan’s Tokugawa era? That was very well -acclaimed, even though I never had the chance to watch it myself… and I can’t believe Joongie gets a chance to act opposite veteran actor/hearthrob Song Seung Hun! This is definitely good exposure and will bring him attention! I hope he does well in this drama!

  5. Jaejoongie’s character sounds really interesting, I can’t wait to watch how he’ll act in sageuk drama and with Song Seung Hun. Hwaiting. ^^

    Wait, does that mean I can see long-haired Jaejoongie, too? YEEEEEY.

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