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[Trans] 120217 Park Yoochun & Kim Jaejoong’s Messages Revealed, Showing Their Friendship

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong revealed the contents of his text messages with Park Yoochun.

On the 16th, Kim Jaejoong updated his own Twitter account with the posts “our heartwarming conversation” and “our boring conversation”, and uploaded two photos with the contents of his text messages with Park Yoochun.

The photos show Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun talking about music, as well as their heartwarming conversation encouraging each other after monitoring each other’s work. In particular, Kim Jaejoong saves Park Yoochun’s name affectionately as “Yoochun ♥”  in his contacts, attracting the attention of people. The cute messages exchanged between Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong also left a deep impression.

After seeing the contents of the text messages, netizens expressed, “(They) really have a very good relationship”, “Warm brotherhood, it’s so nice to see” and “Sentence constructions similar to my own, it creates a sense of familiarity”, among other responses.

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun has been filming for SBS’s “Rooftop Prince”, which he has been cast in. It will be broadcast after “Please take care of us, Captain”.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Review Star]
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  1. can someone translate it??

  2. [TRANSLATION] left side

    Message from Yookcheoni<3

    Yoochun: Really, congratulations^^ You’re the best, you’re really the kewlest~ (T/N: Yoochun was really talking cutely~^^)
    Yoochun: Program bass^^ gives me goosebumps~!!

    2011.12.31 10:25pm
    Jaejoong: Thanks/hate you haha (T/N: He was about to say “gomawo”=thank you but he said “gomiwo”go+hate you so it could be a play on words~)

    Yoochun: hahahaha^^ It was giving me goosebumps~

    2011.12.31. 10:53pm
    Jaejoong: ㅋㅋI heard you were so nervous~
    Yoochun: hahaha^^ but I didn’t really look like it~

    2012.1.1. 12:11am
    Yoochun: Hyung, receive a lot of money (T/N: He didn’t actually say ‘money’ but I’m leaning towards it being a typo rather than meaning something else)~ You did a lot of hard work~^^ Let’s try to do well this year too~ ———^^

    TRANSLATION] right side

    Jaejoong: Hyung likes the red one too
    Yoochun: hahahahayeah~ The chorus is really nice~

    Jaejoong: But isn’t it a bit too loud?

    Jaejoong: The balance is a killer, I’ll need it for the [song] i’m working on~

    Yoochun: Yeah~the balance is really a problem~I’m trying out this and that to see if it’s really loud

    Jaejoong: The sound is all big and goes boom boom, right?haha

    Yoochun: O K O K The sound is a killer~

    Jaejoong: Feel it well~~

    Yoochun: O K O K

    from :

  3. thanx!!

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