Posted by: sharingyoochun | February 12, 2012

[Trans] 120212 Junsu’s mom tweets

After Elisabeth 1st show, together with Tod

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Junhoya~ In Korea, Junsu’s Elisabeth 2nd show is same time as your 2nd show^^ Though I’m physically here, my heart is there with you.Junsu also want to tell you to do your best. Fighting~♥

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credit: zunoxiahmom
trans by:

Ps. Junho RT his mom’s tweet too ^^

@JUNO_Japan ㅋㅋ“@zunoxiahmom: 준호야~한국은 준수가 엘리자벳은 2회 공연 너도 똑같은 시간 2회공연 ^^몸은 여기에 있지 만 내 마음은 그곳에도 너와 함께 하고 있어.준수도 힘내라고 전해주래. 화이팅~♥


  1. ahha, here is my mother -in-law. annyunghaseyo=)

    • *bricks* :P

  2. Baby looks so tired :C I really wanna watch his musical! :D
    ElisaTod fighting!

  3. He looks so hot

  4. He looks great as usual
    And wow his mum is very pretty!

  5. What beautiful woman.
    His parents must be so proud of their son.
    Junsu deserves all the best he has worked very hard.

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