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[Trans] 120211 Jaejoong’s Twitter Update

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A package came.. Wow~~

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The package is as such.

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After removing, it’s the elephant wrapper.

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Inside, there’s a box.

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There’s another box inside.. Inside..

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Is a doll…

The doll with 5 layers of wrappers, where did you come from… You have worked hard TT

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Went to Noel concert with Jaeyoung~ Noel hyungs are indeed the best!

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  1. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh A Doll?

  2. just why on earth a doll is given to just-turned-27 GUY??? i bet the fan must have mistaken jae as girl.

    this is a complete ridicule i’d say..LOLz,

    so guys, the nxt time u want to send the boys gift, just think twice

  3. AHAHAHAAH you have worked hard. indeed you did doll
    props to the sender. this was cute

  4. The dolls seem Japanese and she can talk… I wonder what that dolls is saying when U pull her string… *curious*

  5. That’s a box with thai on it!!!!! (O_O)!!!! It says…..”instruction” (คำแนะนำ)
    wonder what that cassie is thinking of sending Blythe to him -_- I know it’s like super popular amongst the posh kids but probably not for joongie -_-;;;
    It must be strange enough that he had to put on twitter!! XD
    wonder who it is!!! XD

  6. i found a bit of history about this ‘Blythe’ doll… which is know for its big eyes (and big head) and is only know to hard-core collectors…

    i’m guessing the fan liked jaejae’s big doe eyes and gave him this doll…

    this is the link to those who want to read:

  7. Obviously, it’s from thai fan because the package has thai language instruction with english.

    I think fan gave him a Blythe doll because once in a while, Blythe became very popular among celebities in thailand because Chompoo Araya [Thai celerbity] imported it to Thailand and once time, TVXQ was on the show ‘School of Rock’. During the way to school in the van, the show gave barbie dolls to them to create their dream girls for killing time. Then the boys just discovered that dressing the babies were fun! Yunho even said ‘let’s buy one when we get home!’ [I know he’s just joking!]. I don’t think the fan is mistaken that double J is a girl. She thinks he love the doll just what he said in that show and I don’t think he used to get that kind of thing before. Just assuming : D

    • Thanks! :D I guess you are right, I have this doubt…now I get it :)

  8. hehe ohkayy.. such a weird gift .. what will jae think?
    btw if anyone wants to know who sent it its nanjj on instagram .. (smartphone app)
    am i allowed to reveal that ? hmm

  9. how does the fan know jj’s address?? wanna send him things too T^T

    • Me too!!!

  10. lol
    what a troll present

  11. These kinds of gifts capture Jaejoong’s attention. Hahahaha! ^^

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