Posted by: sharingyoochun | February 12, 2012

[Pic] Junsu – Musical Elisabeth


credit: chiardpoint
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  1. OMG. XiahTod looks so hot!!!!

  2. sooooooooo hotttttttttttttt XD

  3. Oh my god…. he looks surprisingly good as a bleached blondie….!!!

  4. Junchan so cool >w< thanks for sharing

  5. He looks damn hot with the white hair!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Junsu is great ♥♥♥

  7. Me dieeeesssss >3<

  8. *grasping for air* omg… hot!

  9. surprisingly junsu looks great in this hair! but i prefer this hairstyle with another hair colour…

  10. Fantastic

  11. Not the first time junsu with blonde hair colour.. :) He totally look good in it!! :)

  12. wow. he looks dashing! i wouldn’t mind being haunted by such a dashing man :)

  13. Gosh!!! I will change my bias! Junsu look damn hot in eye highlight make up and hair this blonde! I’m goIng crazy!! I hope they might record and make to be DVD ;(

  14. OMGSUN …. Junchan u r looking amazing O__O … I’m speechless ,srsly …

  15. Junchan is full of Charisma on stage indeed~! *amazed* :O

  16. HOMG!!!! how exciting just watching the pics, I can imagine how thrilled were the fans to see him singing live, the character is so strong and Junchan fits him beautifully, I want to go TT

  17. i can feel the aura of his charisma and it totally make me like ‘wow’

  18. *ovaries explode* even the dancers look breathtaking!

  19. Junsu rocks!

  20. [audio] XIAHTOD&RUDOLF

    [audio] XIAHTOD it’s so beautiful!

  21. Pure Talent!
    Junsu looked fantastic and his voice was incredible.
    So proud of all he has accomplished, against all the odds.

  22. why I’m not living in Korea?!! wanted so bad to be the one who watching the musical >^<

  23. Junsu…..*speechless*….+___+

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